Windows are the main point of entry for burglars

It is quite common for burglars to try to enter through your windows because they are known to be the weakest entry point to your home. They think that it is quick, easy, and discrete. A burglar can break the traditional pane of glass and be out of your home in seconds without anyone noticing for quite some time.

Hurricane impact windows can protect your home all year round.

When you think of hurricane impact windows, you normally think of hurricane protection. However, hurricane impact windows can be used to protect your home all year round from theft.

Hurricane impact windows are designed to withstand debris at high speeds, so there is no doubt that it can endure someone trying to hit it with a bat or even a sledgehammer. When a hurricane impact window is hit; they will not shatter like a traditional pane of glass, however, they will splinter. When a hurricane impact window splinters, it does not break through, therefore not providing an opening for the burglar to get in.

Burglars rely on speed and stealth to lessen their chance of being caught, but with hurricane impact windows, that is diminished. It is a lot of work and more time consuming than most burglars are willing to endure. Not to mention, the noise will alert your neighbors and after a couple of swings, most thieves will give up.

Your home holds your valuables, collectibles, jewelry, memories, and most importantly, your family. Avoid the feeling of devastation from this incident happening and losing your most treasured possessions.

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We offer a variety of different hurricane impact window products. When our salesman comes out to your home; we bring samples of each of our products and go over each of them with you. We will help you choose the best product to protect your home.

Your home and family’s safety are on the line, not only during hurricane season but all year long. Whether defending against mother nature or uninvited guests, hurricane impact windows can stand up to it all.

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