Are you seeking the best hurricane protection deals on hurricane shutters, impact windows, and more? You’ve come to the right place.

We’ve provided South Florida with quality, affordable hurricane protection for over three decades. As the company with the industry’s longest relationships and most experience, we can offer our customers some of the best pricing, the most dependable products, and, better yet, the most trusted warranties, customer service, and maintenance programs in the Sunshine State.

We’ve written the book (literally) on how to get the best discounts on hurricane protection. But let’s talk about all of our programs you can leverage to get the best prices on your hurricane shutters and impact windows.

Volume Discounts

The more you buy, the more you’ll save. Larger homes, oversized windows, and more openings can also mean more savings. Permitting and other administrative work take up a sizable portion of the cost of hurricane windows and shutters. We’re happy to work larger jobs because, thankfully, much of this administrative work is the same, whether it’s a small or large job. Most customers begin to save on jobs as little as 10 openings, but the more significant savings start coming in as soon as 20-30 windows or more. Check with your hurricane protection consultant (salesman) to see which volume discounts you may qualify for.

Manufacturer Specials

Occasionally, hurricane window manufacturers offer specific deals on their product lines to boost sales on particular series or brands, incentivize customers, and hurricane window companies like ours to sell more of their products. Typically, you can save up to 10% off regular-price on impact windows once or twice per year by leveraging these manufacturer specials. ES Windows, PGT Windows, and CGI Windows offer these manufacturer specials throughout the year.

Price Match

Leverage our reputation, experience, and iron-clad warranty while leveraging less experienced companies’ pricing. If you received a quote from a competing company in the last six months that beat our estimate, you may be able to save up to 3% on their quote!

We offer a price-match program that will beat any written estimate written within the last six months by any company with more than 150 reviews on Google with at least a 4.4-star rating and is A-rated on the Better Business Bureau.

Customer Referral Program

Help your friends save money on hurricane protection and help yourself as well. We offer an extensive customer referral program where you can not only save money on hurricane protection but also get up to $500!

If you refer a friend to us and they make a purchase, we’ll give you up to $500!*

Here are the terms and conditions

  1. How to Get the Referral Bonus: If you want a bonus for referring someone, you must sign up with the front office before doing so. When referring a customer, please call us to tell us about the person you’re referred before that person contacts us. Please call us to provide their full name, and let us know when we should expect their call. We typically only retain referral submissions for up to 90 days, so if the referred customer contacts us after that period, you may not be eligible to receive credit for the referral.
  2. How to Prove You Referred Someone: When the person you referred first gets in touch with us, they need to state that you’re the one who referred them, so we know to mark the referred customer and give you your bonus if they make a purchase. Confirming your name with the customer also helps us ensure that you were the source of the referred customer’s purchasing decision and did not find us through other means by coincidence.
  3. How Much Bonus You Get: The amount of referral bonus you receive will depend on what the referred person buys:
  • If they buy hurricane protection for 5 to 9 openings, you get $150.
  • If they buy hurricane protection for 10 to 14 openings, you get $300.
  • If they buy hurricane protection for 15 to 20 openings, you get $400.
  • If they buy hurricane protection for more than 20 openings, you get $500.
  1. Bonus Applies Only to the First Purchase: You only get a bonus for the first order the referred person places, not for anything they buy later. If the customer has already purchased something from us in the past before your referral, you will not receive the bonus or any bonuses for subsequent or future purchases.
  2. When You Get Paid: We will pay you your bonus within a few weeks after the person you referred has paid in full for their hurricane protection. If you have not received your bonus after six weeks from the date the referred customer has paid in full for their hurricane protection, kindly contact us via phone to check the status of your referral bonus.
  3. Who Can’t Participate: Assured Storm Protection employees and their immediate family members are not allowed to participate in this referral program. Also, this referral program can’t be used with other promotions or discounts we may offer.
  4. Changes to the Program: Assured Storm Protection maintains the right to change, pause, or end the referral program at any time, with no advance notice required. If they terminate the program, any referrals you’ve submitted before it ended will still be honored based on the rules in place when you made the referral for up to 30 days.
  5. Other Details: By participating in this program, you agree to these rules. Also, we reserve the right to change these rules at any time without informing you in advance.

Note: These terms may not be accurate, or the program may be paused or terminated at any time. Contact the front office for the most up-to-date information about the program. The existence of these terms does not constitute the program as being currently active.