The most comprehensive hurricane protection warranty in the industry

Assured Storm Protection warrants to the original purchaser that its products shall be free from defects in material or workmanship for the periods specified below only when required maintenance instructions are followed. The warranty applies to the products under normal use subject to conditions herein and as determined by Assured in its sole discretion. This warranty does not cover damages attributable to inadequate maintenance, improper product use, normal weathering, highly corrosive environments, damage caused by fire, accident, floods, acts of God, riots or civil disorder, stresses resulting from localized heat which causes excessive temperature differentials over glass surface edges, multiple hurricanes, wind-driven rain due to high wind events, vandalism, building settlements or structural failures.

Hurricane Window Caulking Warranty

Caulking is used on all of our installations to seal the frames or trim package against water intrusion or air penetration. Caulking is considered a part of the installation and, therefore, is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty as it is considered a maintenance responsibility of the owner, but is covered under Assured Storm Protection warranty for a period of 10 years under normal conditions (see above).

Window & Shutter Hardware Warranty

All hardware used for the installation is covered for a period of 10 years from installation date. The warranty can be increased for an additional 10 years on accordion shutters if you schedule an overhaul service (replace old rollers, general maintenance, etc.) at the cost of 5% of your original contract price.

Moving Parts Warranty

All moving parts shall be warrantied for a period of 10 years from date of installation. This warranty can be increased for an additional 10 years on accordion shutters at a cost of 5% of original contract price as stated above.

Impact Window Frame and Glass Warranty

Window Installations – frame and glass are not covered by Assured Storm Protection but are covered under your manufacturer’s warranty. Assured Storm Protection does cover all movable parts for a period of 10 years. This warranty can be increased for an additional 15 years which would cover general maintenance, all movable parts and caulking at a cost of 5% of the original contract price.