Accordion shutters are one of the most popular choices in hurricane protection for an understandable reason. They are minimally obtrusive, highly protective, and have a very cost-effective price point. Accordion shutters are a shutter system that will protect your home during a hurricane and is comparable in protective strength to hurricane windows and hurricane panels, but are significantly less expensive than hurricane windows, and significantly easier to set up before a storm when compared to hurricane panels.

Accordion shutters have a slim profile

Accordion shutters, for the most part, have a very slim profile and hang near the edges of your window. The stack profile of accordion shutters on the average window is around 4-9 inches They are always ready to be shut tight to protect your home during a storm. The average 1 story home can be protected in as little as 30 minutes.

Our accordion shutters are rated for Category 5 strength winds

Accordion shutters are highly protective, all three of our accordion shutter styles pass Miami-Dade County Requirements and will protect your home in winds up to Category 5 strength. Impact, wind, rain, corrosion, and rust resistant. Our accordion shutters are made of 6 tensile strength aluminum and built to last.

Accordion shutters are the most cost-effective form of hurricane protection

One of the main reasons why accordion shutters are chosen is the great price point. Accordion shutters are fractionally more expensive than hurricane panels but exponentially easier and quicker to set up before a storm. You don’t have to move panels around from the garage and hang them on your house, accordion shutters are already installed and up on the wall. All you have to do is close and lock the system and your window is protected.

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