Hurricane Panels

Hurricane Panels are affixed to the walls of your home with either bolts or tracks. They do not stay on your home all year long, so they do not change the aesthetic of your home. Make sure you have storage space for them in a dry area (Do NOT stack them outside your home or they will rust). We suggest that you label which hurricane panel goes where to make installation easier. They are heavy, so you will need more than one person to put them on and off your home.


  • Inexpensive
  • Adequate protection


  • Requires storage space
  • Heavy to carry
  • Takes more than one person to install every time

Accordion Shutters

Accordion Shutters are affixed to the walls of your home permanently and come in different color options to match your home. They require no lifting and only require one person to deploy them when they are needed. Accordion shutters are closed from the inside of your home and locked to secure them on the window.

We at Assured Storm Protection offer maintenance on our accordion shutters.

Make sure to call us at: (877) 787-8676 at the beginning of the year to schedule your yearly maintenance.


  • Stays on your home
  • Requires little effort to deploy
  • Doesn’t use any storage space.


  • Requires yearly maintenance

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