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Assured Storm Protections rating on Angie’s List tells you volumes about our outstanding work. We have received Angie’s Lists Super Service Award for every year since 2013. What does this mean? Angie’s List rates businesses based upon performance, customer satisfaction which includes many factors, professionalism, punctuality, responsiveness, quality, and price. The experts at Angie’s List pay close attention to what customers say and rate businesses accordingly. Don’t continue to do good work? You will be removed or downgraded rating by Angie’s List experts.

This is why Assured Storm Protection sees our Super Service Award rating as such a coveted acknowledgment of our work and service, only 5% of all hurricane shutters and impact window companies receive this prestigious award and Assured Storm Protection received it every year. Assured has more than 30 years of experience and never waivers from our promise of top-of-the-line customer service and products and installation. Customer service is our major focus; however, our high volume of sales also allows us to provide products at an incredibly competitive price. When you combine top customer service, outstanding products, and great prices as Assured does, it is a win-win for you and us. You receive great storm and security protection and we get great reviews which leads to new customers.

So, do not hesitate to call us well come to your home or business to discuss your hurricane protection needs. We listen to you when you tell us what you’re looking for, whether its hurricane shutters, hurricane windows, a combination of both, or a variety of shutter types to meet your aesthetic needs and pocketbook.

See what your peers are saying about Assured Hurricane Protection on Angie’s List, Google, and the Better Business Bureau. We think you’ll be impressed with our outstanding track record.

While we may brag about ourselves, we know that who prospective customers look for is testimonials from other people like themselves who are seeking storm protection, security, and dependable and outstanding products and services. When customers take time to write positive reviews, especially in the large numbers written about Assured Storm Protection, it is the most valuable advertising we could ever want.

So, if you’re considering hurricane protection for your home or business, contact us for an estimate and our seasoned staff members will be happy to supply you with all the information you need. Assured Storm Protection staff will come to your home or business, supply you with our licenses and proof of insurance, listen and make recommendations based upon your financial and aesthetic needs.

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