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Are hurricane shutters worth the money?

Not only for the peace of mind that hurricane protection brings, but there are many monetary benefits, such as reduced insurance premiums, reduced need for evacuation, and more safety whether you stay home or evacuate during a hurricane or decide to leave.

But we’ll explain why in this article so you can decide for yourself if hurricane shutters are right for you.

Why are Hurricane Shutters Worth The Money?

First things first, let’s talk about the science backing why hurricane shutters are worth the money. When a hurricane comes around, it brings torrential rain, storm surge, howling winds, (and, worst of all) flying debris with it. But if you’re like most Floridians, you live a mile from the coast or more, which means the main danger for you is likely flying debris, making hurricane shutters worth the money.

Flying debris are the primary preventable cause of property damage during a hurricane. We say preventable because unprotected windows are the most likely entry point for flying debris. We call unprotected windows any window system that is not intentionally hardened to withstand powerful storms. Protected windows have systems such as hurricane shutters and impact windows installed.

Flying debris often causes havoc in more powerful storms, breaking windows on homes, denting cars, blowing down trees, and much more. If flying debris busts through a window, they typically bring the rain and wind in. Exposing the interior of your home to potential water damage and, worst of all, the risk of roof blowout. Roof blowout can happen when high winds cause pressure to build up in your home, which, especially in older homes, can result in the roof of the house being blown off. Roof blowout and wind damage prevention are the primary reasons why hurricane shutters are worth the money.

Hurricane shutters help to reduce the risk by covering the windows with a strong aluminum barrier. Made of high tensile-strength aluminum, impact-rated hurricane shutters are tested and proven to withstand a beating. 

Common types of damage during a storm that makes hurricane shutters worth the money

Water damage via storm surge

Storm surge is the most significant cause of property damage and casualty during a tropical storm or hurricane. During a powerful major storm, it’s not unlikely for sea levels to rise above 20 feet, smashing through coastal communities.

This being said, most storms bring localized flooding and a far lesser storm surge height that sandbags and other water barriers can help mitigate.

Wind or water damage via opening

Unlike storm surge, water damage caused by opening penetration can occur anywhere within the cone of the possibility of a hurricane. Even the best-built homes are as strong as their weakest link. In the case of most Florida homes, the weakest link is the windows. That’s where hurricane shutters can help.

Once an opening is created, typically by the breaking of a window. Your home can be exposed to torrential rains, causing localized or widespread water damage or flooding. Depending on the storm’s strength, the pressure differential between the interior of your home and the exterior can cause roof blowoff when the pressure exceeds your roof’s design pressure.

How do hurricane shutters work?

Hurricane shutters work by deflecting wind and debris away from your windows, and typically, hurricane shutters are permanently attached to your home. There are two major types of hurricane shutters: accordion shutters and hurricane panels.

  • Accordion shutters comprise a track, frame, and set of blades. These hurricane shutters can open and close quickly, making them easy to deploy before a storm. Accordion shutters are our recommended hurricane shutter option because of their ease of use and relatively similar pricing.
  • Hurricane panels can be installed with a track but can optionally be installed without a track. When a hurricane approaches, you can install them on your home by screwing them onto your home. These hurricane shutters are typically not recommended because they require plenty of labor, taking the average homeowner a full day’s work to install.

Let’s talk about the similarities and differences between the two types of hurricane shutters.

Both accordion hurricane shutters and hurricane panels:

  • They are crafted out of high-tensile strength aluminum.
  • They provide comparable levels of protection.
  • They are impact-rated and can reduce your homeowner’s insurance premiums.

Hurricane Accordion Shutters:

  • They are easier to deploy during a storm, shaving hours off of deployment time.
  • They stay on the home year-round, always ready to protect your home at (on average) a half-hour’s notice.

Hurricane Panels:

  • It takes the average homeowner a whole day to install, typically a very labor-intensive job.
  • The tracks of the hurricane panels stay on your home year-round, but the actual panels must be stored in a shed, garage, or somewhere indoors when not in Use to prevent corrosion.

What do hurricane shutters protect against?

Hurricane shutters reduce window penetration

Strong hurricane shutters, whether you choose accordion shutters, hurricane panels, or impact windows, are instrumental in preventing flying debris from entering your home. 

Hurricane shutters reduce the likelihood of roof blowoff

A solid set of hurricane shutters can help prevent roof blowoff by reducing the likelihood of window failure. In almost all cases where roof blowoff occurs, it is caused by opening failures, such as broken windows or blown-in doors, causing a pressure difference within the home.

The likelihood of roof blowoff is drastically reduced by strengthening your windows or protecting them with hurricane shutters.

Hurricane shutters decrease the likelihood of theft/looting after a storm

Thieves are creatures of opportunity; while the everyday Floridian dreads the appearance of a hurricane, thieves look at hurricane season as an opportunity. While thousands of Floridians evacuate and abandon their homes, thieves look to identify easy targets with widespread power outages and no one home to watch over valuables. Hurricane shutters are an obvious deterrent, as thieves know it will be more challenging to get into protected homes than homes that are not.

Are hurricane shutters worth the money?

Hurricane shutters are one of the most effective upgrades you can make to your home for wind mitigation and hurricane protection, and for a vast majority of Floridians, hurricane shutters are most definitely worth the money.

We’ve been in the business of helping Floridians like you protect their home and families from the Atlantic Hurricane Season since 1980. It may be our perspective, but everyone in a hurricane-prone area should have hurricane protection. 

Are you in the market for hurricane shutters? Give us a call and get a free hurricane protection consultation and estimate.

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