Single-hung hurricane impact window with arch (ES Windows)

Hurricane window company reviews are found all over the Internet today. Nearly every contractor and business providing this service posts testimonials from happy customers on their websites. Is that information trustworthy?

After all, the point of a testimonial is to show potential customers that previous hurricane window installation or maintenance work was completed satisfactorily.

We know that 72% of customers won’t make a purchasing action until they’ve read reviews. 93% of consumers read the reviews posted about local businesses to determine the brand’s quality. That’s why testimonials get posted!

It makes sense to use hurricane window company reviews to find the best provider for your needs, but how does that process work?

Reviews Contain Crucial Information About a Company’s Performance

Most reviews fit into two categories. They’re either a glowing bit of text that talks about how excellent a company is, or they offer negative information because of a poor experience.

Those reviews can be dismissed. They don’t typically provide an authentic and accurate representation of what to expect when working with that business.

When you’re looking to upgrade a home or commercial building, the impact window company reviews that you should take the time to read should have the following information points.

The first reviews that potential customers see are on Google. Some of them even appear in the search results when looking for impact windows. Although the star rating is an integral part of the decision-making process, people can give companies a rating without leaving any other information.

That means you’ll want to manually scroll through the hurricane window company reviews to see what information stands out from the rest.

Offline Methods to Find Hurricane Window Company Reviews

Many people ask companies for the names of references in their neighborhood or community who received hurricane windows or shutters. Although some honest businesses out there will let you talk with people who had positive and negative experiences, most of them cherry-pick the customers who had the best outcomes.

If you’re unsure of what to think after seeing the impact window company reviews online, your best offline option to gather information is to call the city. You can find out how many open permits have been associated with a business over the past six months.

When several open permits still exist in that timeframe, it indicates that the company has problems with installation.

It’s also a red flag to find zero open permits during that search. Although everything may have been closed, it’s more likely that no work has been done – or the business is requiring the homeowner to obtain one in their name.

The standard method of acquiring a permit for hurricane and impact windows and shutters is to have the contractor pay the city and obtain it themselves. Customers pay for that work within the scope of the project cost.

If a business claims it isn’t necessary to pull permits, you’ll want to reconsider your involvement with them. This happens most often when the company doesn’t hold the proper licenses for the work or has had problems working with the city. Both are ominous signs.

Since city inspectors will inevitably look at the work, they’ll direct any questions to the person named on the permit. Those questions can be quite technical, which is why the installer should be answering them.

Hurricane window company reviews are helpful when looking for a provider to install them on your property. When you can decode the information they contain through the processes listed above, it makes finding the right business easier.

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