Hurricane Window Company Reviews: How To Find The Best Company

Hurricane window company reviews are found all over the Internet today. Nearly every contractor and business providing this service posts testimonials from happy customers on their websites. Is that information trustworthy? After all, the point of a testimonial is to show potential customers that previous hurricane window installation or maintenance work was completed satisfactorily. We […]

Hurricane Shutter Company Reviews and How to Check Them

When checking hurricane shutter company reviews, its important to check reviews for red-flags, and understand which review platforms are the most reliable. We’re in the day and age of social proof. Social proof is the way our own behavior is impacted by the influence of the actions, attitudes, and beliefs of other people. Positive social […]

How Much Do Hurricane Shutters Cost?

One of the most common questions we hear from customers is “How much do hurricane shutters cost?” Most simple answer is, a hurricane shutters cost depends on a lot of factors, such as your preferences on style, type, convenience, and the amount and size of the windows on your home. Depending on where you live, […]

Hurricane Impact Window Pricing Guide

With so many hurricane window manufacturers and options available, pricing can be confusing when compared to other hurricane protection products such as hurricane shutters, and pricing can vary as much as 35% depending on options. Hurricane Window Pricing Is Based on Options and Styles Pricing for hurricane impact windows can be broken down into two […]

Hurricane Protection: What Type is Best?

When you live in a region that has a history of hurricane landfalls, it’s essential to protect your home from potential damage. Many of our customers ask us which of our products would be best for protecting their home. Although the types of hurricane protection in the past were somewhat limited, the hurricane protection industry […]

Hurricane Window Prices are Rising Again for 2022 Hurricane Season

Across the industry, both prices and installation times for hurricane windows have steadily risen since the beginning of the pandemic. This is due to an increase in aluminum prices, supply chain issues, and a potential aluminum shortage. The supply chain issues we’re experiencing due to the pandemic have crippled many industries worldwide. These industries include […]

The Best Hurricane Impact Window for Your Home: How to Choose

With so many different manufacturers and individual hurricane window options available, choosing the best hurricane impact window can sometimes be confusing. When a hurricane impact window salesperson comes to your house, they are going to try and sell you on whatever impact window they distribute. How can you tell which Impact Window is best for […]

How ES Window Became the Best-Selling Impact Windows in Florida

For many years, CGI and PGT have dominated the South Florida impact window market. As some of the first companies to offer hurricane impact windows in South Florida, they have been massively popular for quite some time.  ES Windows started gaining popularity with Florida homeowners through the mid-2010’s because of their attractive pricing, and options […]

Impact Windows: 8 Benefits To Keep Your Home and Family Safe

As a homeowner, you want to give your house the best potential protection during disasters. One of the best ways you can do that is by installing hurricane impact windows. Here are all the benefits you’ll enjoy from hurricane impact windows. Impact Windows Reduce Noise Storms can get noisy, which is not only disrupting but […]

Accordion Shutter Prices Rise Due to Supply-Chain Issues

Prices and installation times for hurricane accordion shutters have been on a steady rise since the beginning of the pandemic for the entire hurricane accordion shutter industry across the United States. Aluminum Prices Skyrocket as Supply Chain Issues Worsen The supply chain issues we’re experiencing due to the pandemic have crippled many industries worldwide, from […]