South Florida Window Replacement Guide – Is It Time To Replace Your Windows?

Recognizing When It’s Time For To Replace Your Windows in South Florida Recognizing when to replace your windows is very important in South Florida, given the high humidity, scorching heat, and the occasional tropical storm. Keeping your windows in tip-top shape helps ensure your safety and comfort, as well as your home’s aesthetic is kept up to […]

Why Are Hurricane Windows More Expensive?

Hurricane windows are more expensive, yes! But for good reason.  As of the time of writing this article, hurricane shutters are the most convenient and dependable hurricane protection option on the market, but also, hurricane windows are more expensive! This price is not for no reason; hurricane windows’ ease of use and aesthetics make them […]

4 Things To Do After Getting Accordion Shutters

Congratulations on your new accordion shutters! You’ve taken a big step towards protecting your home and family against hurricanes and other tropical weather systems. In Florida, having a plan to protect your home against tropical weather is vital, and accordion shutters are a fantastic option to give you peace of mind as the next hurricane […]

Are Hurricane Shutters Worth The Money?

Are hurricane shutters worth the money? Not only for the peace of mind that hurricane protection brings, but there are many monetary benefits, such as reduced insurance premiums, reduced need for evacuation, and more safety whether you stay home or evacuate during a hurricane or decide to leave. But we’ll explain why in this article […]

Impact Windows and Hurricane Shutters in Boca Raton

When considering impact windows or hurricane shutters in Boca Raton, there are a few essential weak points: your windows, roof, and flood and storm surge risk.  Does your Boca Raton home have Impact Windows or Hurricane Shutters? Let’s visit the average Boca Raton home data to see how residents can strengthen their homes. Roughly 75% […]

Tax-Free Hurricane Protection in Florida: Everything You Need to Know

Hey there, Sunshine State dwellers! Chris here, ready to share fantastic news to protect your home and wallet. Hurricane season just ended, but there’s never been a better time to protect your house. Florida’s got your back with tax-free savings on hurricane protection like hurricane shutters and impact windows! Seize the Moment: Florida’s Tax-Free Period […]

How to Find Hurricane Accordion Shutter Discounts

Are you looking to get an Accordion Hurricane Shutter discount? In general, finding a severe discount on hurricane shutters can be difficult. Firstly, it’s very rare for companies to offer what most people would consider a discount on impact windows or accordion shutters. Many companies reference their accordion shutter discounts regarding how much discount they […]

Hurricane Protection Guide: Comprehensive Guidance for Navigating Hurricane Protection

Follow our step-by-step hurricane protection guide for insights on what to look for in your hurricane protection and what to look for in hurricane protection companies. Looking for a step by step guide? We have you covered. What to Look for When Searching for a Hurricane Protection Company? Work with high-quality companies. One of the […]

The Role of Hurricane Impact Testing on Hurricane Protection

Ever wonder what hurricane impact testing means for hurricane protection? Hello there, South Florida! We all know that living in this beautiful slice of paradise comes with challenges, especially when hurricane season rolls around. Palm trees and sunshine aside, we’re talking about gusty winds, torrential downpours, and, unfortunately, flying debris. With hurricanes being as unpredictable […]

After a Hurricane Hits: What To Do (And What Not To Do)

The uncertainty and chaos can be overwhelming in the wake of a hurricane. Whether you evacuated or stayed put, you’re probably wondering what steps to take next.  It’s been a few years since South Florida’s last hurricane, and many new Floridians and old may need a brush up on what to do after a hurricane. […]