Parkland Hurricane Impact Windows & Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Windows and Accordion Shutters in Parkland, Florida Assured Storm Protection provides a wide variety of hurricane protection installations in Parkland, Florida. This city is a mix of new and older homes. Homeowners select hurricane protection based on not only their home’s age, but on their aesthetic, energy efficiency, and security needs and wants. Assured […]

Sunrise Hurricane Impact Windows & Hurricane Shutters

We highlight our most popular installation cities, because it is important for consumers to recognize installations that take place locally. An experienced company will have a portfolio of installations and references to provide customers so that they may make an informed decision on their investment. At Assured, we are happy to provide this information! With […]

Wellington Hurricane Impact Windows & Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Windows and Shutters in Wellington Assured Storm Protection is quite active in providing hurricane protection installations in Wellington. We have installed all types of hurricane shutters and impact windows, as well as combinations of designs for homes of all sorts in Wellington. Owners of high-end homes commonly upgrade to impact windows or a combination, […]

Accordion Shutter Price

One of the most common questions we receive about accordion shutters is “How much do hurricane shutters cost?”. Which factors affect Accordion Shutter Prices? In general this question is hard to answer without knowing a few facts. Accordion hurricane shutter pricing can vary based on the design of the shutter, the materials used, and the […]

Hurricane Shutter Manufacturer

Assured Storm Protection is a hurricane shutter manufacturer. You may hear companies advertising this while you are shopping for hurricane accordion shutters. So what does it mean? What is a Hurricane Shutter Manufacturer? Basically, it means that working off of a well known design a company assembles the finished shutters in-house. There can be a […]

Hurricane Impact Windows Florida

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of hurricane impact windows? A lot of our customer’s do not consider these storm windows because they are afraid of the increased cost versus hurricane shutters. The truth is that hurricane impact windows are an affordable option for most consumers who need hurricane protection and who take advantage […]

Recent Hurricane Shutter Review From Sunrise, Florida

At Assured Storm Protection, we always strive for customer service excellence. Our goal is to offer the best hurricane protection products available to our customers at the most reasonable price. We really appreciate it when our customers share their experience in the form of a review. Here is a recent review for a hurricane shutter […]

New Hurricane Shutter Added to Our Lineup!

At Assured Storm Protection, we are proud of the products we carry. We choose to deal with USA suppliers, and our engineers regularly test new and innovative hurricane shutters to see if they meet our strict standards. During one of our routine hurricane shutter tests, we came across a product called the Supernova Hurricane Shutter. […]

Choosing the Right Hurricane Shutters

Choosing the right hurricane shutters for your home is not as easy as it sounds. There are numerous product options that are available when shopping for the right accordion. This article examines some of the major criteria that you should consider when choosing a shutter that meets all of your needs. The first consideration should […]

Florida Impact Windows and Doors Sale

Are you interested in adding hurricane impact windows and doors to your home? We carry only the highest quality hurricane windows and doors that offer superior strength, durability, reliability, and are cosmetically appealing. More importantly, we offer South Florida the lowest price in the industry on quality hurricane protection from USA suppliers. Benefits of Impact […]