Hey there, Sunshine State dwellers! Chris here, ready to share fantastic news to protect your home and wallet. Hurricane season just ended, but there’s never been a better time to protect your house. Florida’s got your back with tax-free savings on hurricane protection like hurricane shutters and impact windows!

A calculator overlaid over a home with hurricane impact windows, signifying Tax-Free Hurricane Protection

Seize the Moment: Florida’s Tax-Free Period for Hurricane Protection

From July 1, 2022, all the way to June 30, 2024, Florida is helping to make it easier for you to safeguard your home against tropical weather without the extra cost of sales tax. Yep, you read that right! Impact windows, hurricane shutters, and even garage doors for the next few months will be tax-free. There has never been a better time to buy!

Ensure the hurricane protection products you buy are marked “impact-rated,” and you’re ready! The State of Florida only recognizes Impact-Rated hurricane protection systems as capable of protecting your home; you won’t be able to take advantage of the deal if you purchase non-impact-rated hurricane shutters or impact windows.

Most hurricane shutters and impact windows sold in South Florida from reputable companies will fit the bill, but it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry!

Unlimited Purchases, Unlimited Tax-Free Hurricane Protection

Is there a cap on how many items you can buy? Nope! The State of Florida put no limit on the number of impact-resistant items you can purchase during this period. So whether you’re revamping a quaint condo or protecting a sprawling mansion, there’s nothing stopping you.

While 6% off the total sale price of your hurricane protection doesn’t seem like a lot, it can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars, considering the average accordion shutter job is between $8,000-$12,000, and the average impact window job can cost between $20,000-$30,000!

No maximum limit on Tax-Free Hurricane Protection

Hold up! Are you thinking of a budget? Well, the good news keeps coming. There’s no price limit for the exemption. This means that whether you’re going for premium hurricane windows or sticking to basic hurricane panels, as long as they’re impact-resistant, you’re in for tax-free shopping! This tax exemption on hurricane protection will save most customers hundreds to thousands on average!

The payment method has no impact.

Did Aunt Rose give you a gift card for Christmas? Use it during this exemption period! Any payment method can be used with the tax exemption! As long as you purchase your tax-exempt hurricane protection before the expiration, you’re good to go!

Online Tax-Free Hurricane Protection Shopping? Oh Yes!

Good news for online shoppers: you can still take advantage of the tax-free hurricane protection! Whether you work with the pros (like us) who will come out to quote, manufacture, and install your hurricane protection or do the measuring, ordering, and installation yourself, your eligibility for tax-free hurricane protection is the same.

It doesn’t matter if you receive or install your hurricane protection after the deadline. The only date that counts is the date you paid!

What if one item is tax-exempt and another isn’t?

There is a catch! Tax exemption will only apply to invoices made up entirely of tax-exempt products! If you’re buying a set of products where one item in the invoice is exempt, and the other isn’t, both items will have total tax rates applied!

Keep this in mind as you shop. If you’re buying a tax-free hurricane protection item, make sure to put it on its own invoice or at least with only other tax-exempt hurricane protection products to take full advantage!

Most reputable hurricane protection companies will work with you to accomplish this.

Rain Checks? It depends…

Rain checks will unfortunately not be eligible for tax-free hurricane protection if the items are paid for after the expiry of the exemption period! 

Purchases must be made during the exemption period. You’ll be paying standard tax rates if you use a rain check and pay any time after the expiry.

If you purchase your rain-checked hurricane protection within the tax-exemption period, you can take advantage!

Got Suggestions? Speak Up!

Reach out to your local representatives! Let the Florida Legislature know if you think a product should be included!

In Conclusion

With this tax-free hurricane protection period, the state is taking a significant step to help Floridians secure hurricane protection. This comes from an effort from the state to entice more home insurance providers to come back to the state after massive increases in home insurance premiums over the past few years. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to save some money on hurricane protection, as well as insurance premiums. No price is worth the peace of mind.