ES Windows; Hurricane Impact Windows (Fixed-Glass). While Hurricane Windows are more expensive, they look much better on high-end homes.

Hurricane windows are more expensive, yes! But for good reason. 

As of the time of writing this article, hurricane shutters are the most convenient and dependable hurricane protection option on the market, but also, hurricane windows are more expensive! This price is not for no reason; hurricane windows’ ease of use and aesthetics make them much more attractive to homeowners, and the materials, specialized equipment, and more intensive labor required to manufacture and install hurricane windows significantly contribute to its higher price tag.

Hurricane windows have become one of the most popular hurricane protection solutions in South Florida for various reasons. The most popular reasons Floridians choose hurricane windows despite the cost are their ease of use and aesthetics. Still, there are plenty more niche reasons why many families choose the most costly hurricane windows over their cheaper, younger brother accordion shutters. Here are a few reasons why hurricane windows are more expensive than accordion shutters and other alternatives.

Materials and specialized manufacturing equipment

The polycarbonate used in manufacturing hurricane windows is similar to the polycarbonate used in bulletproof glass, and the process in which impact-rated hurricane glass is created is highly complex and requires specialized manufacturing equipment that demands absolute precision. There are only a few manufacturing facilities in the world capable of producing hurricane windows that live up to the increasingly strict standards set by South Florida’s building codes. These high-cost manufacturing processes and equipment are part of the reason why hurricane windows are more expensive than other options.

Hurricane windows have a higher labor cost

Unlike most hurricane protection solutions, your original windows must come out when hurricane windows are installed. Installing hurricane windows almost always includes removing and disposing of your old windows for the price. 

So, why go for hurricane windows when other options are cheaper?

Given their significant price difference, why are hurricane windows so popular? 

On older homes just a few short years away from needing new windows anyway, hurricane windows can be cheaper than buying new non-impact windows and installing accordion shutters simultaneously, making it well worth it if you’re in the market for new windows. While the price of hurricane windows are more expensive, there are some cases where it may be cheaper!

Also, many customers mix and match impact windows on the front and back of their homes and accordion shutters on the sides of their homes, so they have the best of both worlds in aesthetics and cost savings.

The price of hurricane windows can be prohibitive for many homeowners, but the benefits are fantastic for those who can afford the cost. Hurricane windows are great for people who prefer an effort-free option for hurricane protection and want to maintain the original aesthetic of their home. 

Hurricane windows are easier to use

Hurricane window’s far greater ease of use helps to make hurricane windows more expensive and desirable for some homeowners.

Generally speaking, no hurricane protection product on the market is more accessible to deploy and utilize than hurricane windows. Hurricane windows are permanently attached, deployed, and ready to protect your home whenever the situation arises. 

Hurricane windows, once installed, require no setup work to deploy before a storm and will protect you not only in the case of planned severe weather such as tropical storms and hurricanes but also will be ready to defend against sporadic severe weather such as severe thunderstorm warnings and tornadoes. 

Compared to other hurricane protection systems such as accordion shutters, hurricane panels, hurricane fabric, and virtually all other hurricane protection options. Hurricane windows are one of the only hurricane protection options that most Florida HOAs will not prohibit from being installed year-round, making hurricane impact windows one of the only options that can always stand ready to protect you in the event of severe weather of all kinds.

In comparison, hurricane panels can take hours to install by the end user and typically involve moving heavy aluminum panels around your home and up ladders. In fact, many customers who purchased hurricane windows initially owned hurricane panels and never wanted to deploy their previous hurricane shutters again! Seriously, it’s arduous, challenging, time-consuming work!

Hurricane accordion shutters take far less time to deploy before a storm, typically taking a fraction of the time to deploy, thanks to their much more convenient “always-attached” design. But in the case of a late-night or early-morning surprise storm, it’s not very efficient or practical to deploy your accordion shutters at a moment’s notice. 

Hurricane windows are the only hurricane protection option currently available at the time of writing that can always be ready to protect your home, regardless of the storm or timeframe you have to prepare for the storm. While hurricane windows are more expensive, they are also far more convenient for homeowners.

Hurricane windows blend into the style of the home

Hurricane windows look nearly identical to conventional ones, offering no aesthetic sacrifices. Hurricane windows come in many styles and colors and have many tinting options to ensure they fit the aesthetics of various homes. 

Whether you want to match the original aesthetic of your previous, conventional windows, or choose from a wide variety of window styles such as horizontal rollers, single hung windows, fixed windows, casement, or decorative windows, there is a hurricane window style, color, and tint that can fit your discerning tastes. 

Compared to hurricane shutters and panels that require tracks, drill holes, or brackets to install correctly, hurricane windows are one of the only options that will result in no aesthetic sacrifices to your home. Customers choose the more expensive hurricane windows over invasive hurricane protection solutions.

Accordion shutters are made easier to use by permanently attaching the shutters to your home, leaving a large chunk of metal protruding from your window at all times. While most Floridians don’t mind this aesthetic sacrifice for considerable cost savings, many also don’t mind spending 3 to 4 times more for a seamless, effort-free hurricane protection solution such as hurricane windows. The ability to seamlessly integrate hurricane protection into your home is a large reason why hurricane windows are more expensive than other options.

Impact-resistant windows are a theft deterrent

Another benefit of always-on hurricane protection, such as hurricane windows, is that they don’t stop at just protecting you from severe weather. They also work very well as a theft deterrent and preventative measure. Hurricane windows are tough! They are almost as effective at preventing impacts from crowbars as deflecting flying debris. 

Having hurricane windows can also prevent or discourage potential thieves and looters from targeting your home, as it will be much harder for them to access your home through your windows. This theft deterrent benefit is currently only available through hurricane windows and one of the reasons why hurricane windows are more expensive.

More energy efficient

By default, hurricane windows are typically better tinted and much thicker than conventional ones, offering greater insulation and cost savings due to energy efficiency. There are also additional cost options, such as Low-E coating, to increase the hurricane windows’ energy efficiency further, saving you money on your air conditioning and heating bills.