Cost of Hurricane Windows

Hurricane window prices are lower today than they were after hurricane Wilma in 2005. Over the last few years they have been the fastest growing hurricane protection product in the industry. Basically the reason for the increase of demand for impact windows has been because of the decrease in price due to a more competitive market. The homes in South Florida are aging, windows need replacement, the housing market is on the rise, and more homeowners are putting money into upgrading their homes.

Customers shopping for impact windows call us, and one of the first questions they ask is how much does hurricane windows cost. That is a very difficult question to answer without having one of our employees go out and measure the windows. We need to get the exact sizes of the windows, how many windows, see what style they’re looking for, what level of energy efficiency, and any upgrades (french doors, casement windows, fixed windows) before we can even think about the price of hurricane windows. Most manufacturers markup in price, because they know that most homeowners that choose upgrades are doing so for aesthetics, or needed for egress to pass code, and they can get away with it.

However, there are some manufacturers we deal with that particularly go after that niche in the business regarding upgrades; ECO and EAS manufacturers are two we deal with in particular and their pricing could be 20% less than other manufacturers. If you’re looking for a very rough idea, and you’re not looking for casement windows and fixed windows throughout your home, you can figure an average. Taking your big, small, medium size windows, and there is one or two sliders, again this is a rough average, would be about $1,000 per opening. Please keep in mind this is just a very rough idea, and to get an exact price you need to have an in-house consultation so we can see all options you are looking for, and get exact measurements.

Undoubtedly impact windows are a significant investment. If your home is not in need of new windows, you are not looking to update your home at this time, and want strictly hurricane protection for your home; accordion shutters are by far more affordable, at roughly 1/3 the price.

However, if new impact windows are what you are in the market for and this is the time you’ve been waiting for to update your house with a brand new look; we at Assured Storm Protection will have one of our representatives go over the options available, and help you pick out the style you like best, at a price that will fit your budget.

If financing is something you are considering so that you may pay over time to reduce the financial burden, or just keep your money in the bank for a rainy day; there is a new finance option that has come to South Florida early February 2016 called Pace Program. It allows you to finance over terms of 5 to 25 years. It is attached to your property tax, and if you have a mortgage it is rolled over into the mortgage. The monthly payments can be as low as $145 for a $15,000 loan. With this program you do not need any down payment. Learn more about the Pace Program.

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