There are a lot of reasons to love living in South Florida. Beautiful weather, amazing beaches, great culture, and much more. The downside, however, is that we have to deal with terrible storms and even hurricanes almost every year. While we Floridians consider ourselves experts on storm preparation, there is always more we can do to be ready for the next big event. For many people, installing hurricane shutters (commonly referred to as accordion shutters) on your home or business.

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Hurricane shutters can provide you with a variety of important benefits, which makes them an obvious choice when you want to upgrade your home or business. This article will identify just four of the many reasons why so many people throughout South Florida are installing these accordion shutters.

Window Damage is Common in Hurricanes and Other Storms

Hurricanes, tropical storms, and other significant weather events are quite common in South Florida. Many experts believe that these serious storms will only become more common and more severe in the decades to come. When a hurricane rolls through, the most common type of damage that people experience is associated with flooding. The second most common type of damage is broken windows caused by flying debris. Of course, once the windows are broken, your property is at much greater risk of flooding and other damage! On top of that, if you are still in your home, the broken glass from the windows can become a deadly projectile putting everyone at risk.

Window Damage Can Cause Pressurization

When your windows are broken in a storm with heavy winds it can cause massive amounts of pressure on the inside of your home. Just about every Floridian has seen the roof of a home get blown right off, which is caused by this pressure imbalance. Your windows should be seen as the first line of defense when it comes to protecting your home in a storm.

Reduce Your Insurance Rates

Insuring your property against damage related to a hurricane or other major storm can be very expensive. Insurance companies know that installing hurricane shutters on your windows can help to minimize the risk of storm damage occurring. This, of course, means that they are much less likely to have to pay out a major claim due to damage to your property.

In order to encourage as many of their customers as possible to install these shutters, most insurance companies offer a notable discount once they are in place. In the years following the installation of these hurricane shutters, your savings on your insurance policy can actually pay for the shutters themselves!

Hurricane Shutters Offer Year-Round Benefits

While the benefits of having hurricane shutters on your home or business during a huge storm are obvious, these shutters offer other advantages throughout the rest of the year. For example, you can close your shutters when you go on vacation to prevent theft. Also, you can close your shutters if there is a tornado warning in your area, or even if there are 60 mph winds in the forecast. These accordion shutters provide an added layer of security, which can reduce the chances of break-ins or other problems following a storm.

The biggest reason most people purchase hurricane shutters is to protect their property against the damaging wind and rain caused by a hurricane. The fact that these shutters offer so many additional perks just makes them the obvious choice for all Floridians.

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