Hurricane accordion shutters provide excellent protection in the event of a hurricane. Did you know that one of the major concerns for your home during a hurricane is the roof?

Hurricane Shutters Protect Your Roof

A lot of people have a misconception that hurricane shutters only protect against broken windows. The real danger is actually different from this understanding. During a hurricane, there is a huge amount of wind. This wind blows flying objects which may or may not hit your home. Flying objects are often the cause for broken glass, but the real damages often comes after this. Once the wind has a way into your home it creates negative and positive pressure (as the wind goes in and out). During this time, the wind looks for a means to escape. This can cause a huge amount of pressure on your roof. The wind needs to go somewhere since more wind is being pushed in behind and it will look for any area to escape. The roof is often the area that gives first. This means that your roof can actually be blown off of your home during a storm.

By installing hurricane shutters, not only is the window protected, the opening is also blocked from excessive wind entering your home. This is the major advantage to having hurricane protection installed on your home. Roofs generally run in the tens of thousands of dollars. Not to mention the danger to yourself and your family if the roof blows away.

Hurricane Shutters Are Tested For Positive And Negative Pressure

There is a reason that insurance companies will only provide a discount if your home is 100% hurricane proofed. It only takes one breached entrance to allow wind into your home during a storm. Hurricane shutters are tested for both positive and negative pressure just in case one opening is breached. Picture the wind blowing on an opening from the inside. Also, the wind can get behind the shutter in certain cases creating this negative pressure.

Negative pressure is also created by retracting wind which provides a suction effect on the shutter. Essentially shutters receive a push and pull effect during a hurricane.

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