For many years, CGI and PGT have dominated the South Florida impact window market. As some of the first companies to offer hurricane impact windows in South Florida, they have been massively popular for quite some time.  ES Windows started gaining popularity with Florida homeowners through the mid-2010’s because of their attractive pricing, and options which other manufacturers charge addition fees for, being included at no-cost to the consumer.

During the start of the pandemic in 2021, that all changed. Many US-based impact window manufacturers have been having problems getting materials in to manufacture their impact windows; aluminum frames for hurricane windows have been especially difficult to source over the last few months. While CGI and PGT were eventually able to source materials, their timelines were not comparable to ES Windows.

In the past, it would take around 6-8 weeks from the date that the windows are ordered for us to receive windows from CGI and PGT, but over the last few months, their timelines have tripled to nearly 6-8 months.

Since CGI and PGT have been trusted names in Hurricane Impact Windows for two decades, many Floridians choose to go with them. Although, because of the massive delays, customers were more open to other options.

Many customers found that ES Windows, actually offer more features, protection, and options for their money.

ES Impact Window Installation

ES Windows offer one of the strongest hurricane impact windows

ES Windows are typically stronger than the impact windows offered by CGI, PGT, ECO, and other major hurricane impact window manufacturers. Built with high tensile strength reinforced aluminum and impact glass with a minimum pressure of +80/-80, which is stronger than most other common manufacturers. Higher pressures are available, but for a much higher cost.

Kynar and Dynar coating is included, not an option

Kynar and Dynar coatings help reduce oxidation/rusting on the frame of the impact windows, and extends the warranty by an additional 15 years. This is an exceptionally important feature if you live within three miles of the ocean, where the salinity in the air is much higher, and your hurricane windows are far more likely to rust.

Other companies such as PGT and CGI charge around 10-12% more for this feature.

ES Windows’ Unique Process from Low-E and Tint Options

ES Windows has a different process for applying Low-E coating to impact windows which allows them to combine a Low-E coating with a gray or bronze tint. Also, their tints with Low-E coating are truer to the color than most other manufacturers. Other manufacturers typically have a hard time maintaining the original color of the tint, when applied to a Low-E coated window.

Also, PGT and CGI charge an extra 10-15% to add tint to a Low-E coated window, ES offers this for free.

Why ES Window hasn’t been affected by supply-chain shortages

ES Windows is owned by Tecnoglass in Columbia, and has a factory/plant that is over 2 million square feet in area. They make their own extrusions from aluminum rolls, unlike almost all other impact window companies which outsource their extrusions. ES Windows also makes their own glass, which is why they can provide a so many features that other companies charge top-dollar for.

Final notes

Overall, ES Windows offers a lot of features that many other manufacturers charge extra for, completely free of charge. Depending on your needs, you can get the same impact window from ES Windows for around 20% less than you would get it from PGT and CGI.

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