Raining Money signifying a hurricane accordion shutter discount.

Are you looking to get an Accordion Hurricane Shutter discount? In general, finding a severe discount on hurricane shutters can be difficult.

Firstly, it’s very rare for companies to offer what most people would consider a discount on impact windows or accordion shutters. Many companies reference their accordion shutter discounts regarding how much discount they provide over the manufacturer’s suggested retail price or their own list prices. We even reference manufacturer-suggested retail prices when we talk about our discounts! 

It can be difficult to sniff out the fake deals within the madness when hurricane shutter companies can change their list prices whenever they want! However, almost all reputable companies are typically within 5-10% of each other in pricing, so the good news is that it’s rare that there are significant differences in pricing. In most cases, an argument can be made that it’s best to work with more prominent companies you can trust to do a good job and support you if there is a problem later.

Many times, it’s not worth it to work with the outlier companies that offer accordion shutter discounts outside of the 5-10% rule because you’re either paying too much or something needs to be more fishy.

All this being said, we have a few solid guidelines to follow while searching for the best hurricane-accordion shutter discounts.

Find Accordion Shutter Discounts and Contact 2-3 Reputable Companies

Because accordion shutter discount pricing is typically referenced based on arbitrary numbers, it can be hard to sift through the white noise in accordion shutter pricing. All hurricane shutter companies are pressured to reference a discount number to be competitive with other less forward brands. Still, the first rule of hurricane shutter discount pricing is, surprisingly, to not believe the discount numbers that companies advertise!

Companies with the highest volume and established reputations are typically able to offer the lowest prices, so look for a review count while searching for accordion shutter companies, and only work with the accordion shutter companies with the best reviews in your area.

It’s essential to work with the right company when getting hurricane protection, so always check company reviews first and foremost and make sure you’re working with a solid company you can trust to do the job right the first time and, more importantly, still be around when you need warranty service!

We recommend that all Floridians looking for hurricane shutters only look for companies rated above 4.3 stars with 150+ ratings on Google and are preferably in business for longer than a decade. These indicators are a good sign that the company does its job well and will likely be around long enough to honor its warranty promises to its customers. Don’t be seduced by only the accordion shutter discounts!

Get Quotes From Top Rated Companies

Once you identify the companies that meet these criteria, call them and schedule an appointment to get a quote. Refrain from relying on self-measurement for your hurricane shutters, as in some cases, installations can be more complex than the numbers may show, and these differences can make significant differences in your final estimate.

Review your Quotes & Compare Hurricane Shutter Discounts

Once you have your three quotes, compare the three quotes you received and measure up the accordion shutter discounts. Ensure each company has given you a quote for the same product or brand so you can more accurately compare apples to apples. While looking at each quote, carefully consider each company’s reputation and take their reputation into account while looking at quotes. If there is a significant difference in reputation and a slight price difference, it may be worth it to go with the more trustworthy company. 

Work With a Company that Matches Prices for the Best Hurricane Accordion Shutter Discount

Now for the most crucial part. See if any companies you’ve selected offer a price-match or price-beating program, especially those with an excellent reputation. A lower quote from another company will give you more leverage to get a better accordion shutter discount with the company you want to work with!

We offer a program where we’ll beat any estimate from a trustworthy company with 150+ reviews and a 4.3 star or above rating by 3%! So you can get the same great prices but have the chance to work with a company with over 1,000 five-star reviews, 13 customer service awards, and over three decades of experience. We hope to be on your shortlist of hurricane shutter companies.

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