Have you ever wondered about the benefits of hurricane impact windows? A lot of our customer’s do not consider these storm windows because they are afraid of the increased cost versus hurricane shutters. The truth is that hurricane impact windows are an affordable option for most consumers who need hurricane protection and who take advantage of our excellent hurricane window financing options.

Hurricane Impact Window Benefits:

Hurricane Window Prep:

This week we have been tracking a developing system in the Caribbean (as we do almost every year around this time). As I am sitting here writing this article it occurs to me that my new home has hurricane impact windows installed. At my old place, I would spend hours putting up hurricane panels and truth be told I only did this for the really bad storms.

A lot of consumers go through this thought process as a storm approaches. Do I really need to put up those storm shutters?

Same goes for hurricane accordion shutters. Although shutters are a great affordable option for hurricane protection, you still need to close and open them in the event of a storm. This is quite easy on the ground level, but can take a bit more time for those second-level shutters.

So back to my home and the CGI hurricane windows I have installed. If this latest storm hits our home in Broward County, I will be prepared without having to do any additional prep work. This is one of the most major benefits to having hurricane impact windows, the peace of mind that they provide! Well at least my home will be protected, I still need to go and replace all of those canned foods that are served as a late-night easy snack.

Hurricane Impact Windows Reduce Sound Transmission:

Ever had a lawnmower waking you up early in the morning or a neighbor having a late-night get-together that kept you awake? One of the most overlooked benefits to hurricane impact windows is the reduction in sound transmissions that they provide! By having these windows installed, you will enjoy a much quieter home from the outside in which is a benefit that you will appreciate on a daily basis!

Reduction in Insurance Costs:

Many consumers are shocked at the amount they save on their home insurance with the addition of hurricane impact windows. For example, a friend was paying $6,000 annually for house insurance in Broward County. After the complete hurricane protection was added to his home his rates dropped to $4300, that’s a savings of $1700 per year! Why not check with your insurance company to see what kind of savings you can enjoy?

Hurricane Impact Windows Provide Increased Home Security:

One of our neighbors recently had their home broken into in Broward County. The thieves got away with a flat screen television and a couple of other small items. The neighbors were home at the time and actually slept through the burglary. The thieves entered the home by breaking a window on the side of the house and then opening the back door. Unfortunately this happens way too often in South Florida. As homeowners, one of the most important things we can do is protect our home and our family. When hurricane windows are installed, they are almost impossible to break through in a short period of time. Burglars are well aware of how difficult it is to gain entry through these windows which creates a major deterrent and often leads them to a house down the block instead.

Visual Appearance:

One of the lesser talked about benefits of hurricane impact windows is their attractive appearance. When you see quality windows, they stand out, especially when compared to hurricane shutters or panels.

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