Now that we are in hurricane season it is a good time to discuss what to do in the event of a storm. One of the best resources for hurricane preparedness and information is the National Hurricane Center. Here you will find valuable information about the projected path of a storm, the severity, and a timetable of when it may hit your area.

In order to be prepared for a storm, it is essential to have adequate hurricane protection on your home. This means that every opening including windows, entry doors, and garages must be prepped to handle high winds, rain and hail, and flying debris. The three main options for hurricane protection on windows include hurricane impact windows, hurricane shutters, and hurricane panels. Hurricane windows have the benefit of always being ready for a storm with no prep work required (not to mention a view of the storm). Accordion shutters must be closed and locked on each window and door opening. And hurricane panels require the most work of these three due to the fact that each panel must be manually added to the window and screwed down. It is also a very good idea to have extra plywood on hand just in case there is a failure in your home.

The following is information taken directly from the National Hurricane Center about how to stay prepared. If you would like to download the Guide directly from them, you may do so by clicking the following: Tropical Cyclone Preparedness Guide.

Hurricane Preparedness Guide:

If You Will Be Home During The Storm:

1. Make sure your fridge and freezer are set to the maximum coldness.

2. Follow instructions from local authorities to turn off utilities if required.

3. Make sure all propane tanks are closed.

4. Unplug any appliances throughout the home aside from your fridge and stove.

5. You want to have as much water as possible stored. Fill up all of your bathtubs, large containers, and have an adequate supply of bottled water on hand.

6. Do not drink the water from bathtubs or faucets during or after a storm until recommended by authorities.

7. During the storm make sure you are away from windows and doors. It is recommended to be in a small interior room, hallway, or closet on the first floor.

8. If the winds get really bad lie on the floor under a sturdy object such as a table.

9. Remember that tornadoes are often created during a hurricane.

10. A lot of deaths are attributed to residents thinking that the storm is over when the eye passes overhead. Remember that the eye of the storm is a temporary calm and that the winds will return to full force very quickly.

For more information about hurricane preparedness, we encourage you to download the entire guide and have a family emergency plan in place. This includes having emergency numbers on hand, along with enough supplies to last a minimum of three days.

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