In 2021, the Atlantic hurricane season produced 21 named storms with wind speeds of 39 miles per hour or greater. That includes seven hurricanes, four of which were considered major with winds of 111+ mph. [[1]]

Although that year was above-average, 2020 was an active year with 31 tropical depressions. With 30 subtropical or tropical storms, the hurricane season beat the record of 28 set in 2005. [[2]]

Hurricane Season 2022 is off to a late start. Bill Chappell wrote for NPR that it is notable because of its complete lack of hurricanes. Danielle eventually strengthened in September to become the Atlantic’s first storm of its type in 11 months. [[3]]

It’s the first time we’ve had a hurricane season like this one since 1997, and only the third season of its type since 1950. Although it has been calm, weather conditions in the Atlantic can rapidly change. There could be several storms that form in the coming weeks.

That means we are still in the season to think about hurricane shutters and impact windows.

The peak months for hurricane development in the Atlantic are August, September, and October. That’s why NOAA anticipates that more storms could be on the way.

Although the season has been calm, La Niña conditions still exist in the Atlantic. They’re favored to stay there for the remainder of the year, allowing higher activity levels to dominate the weather currents.

Will 2022 Be the Year of No Hurricanes Making Landfall?

NOAA still sees the oceanic and atmospheric conditions in the Atlantic favoring an above-normal 2022 hurricane season. In May, forecasters saw this outcome as a 65% reality, and that figure has only downgraded to 60% as of August. [[4]]

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