Assured Storm Protection is a hurricane shutter manufacturer. You may hear companies advertising this while you are shopping for hurricane accordion shutters. So what does it mean?

What is a Hurricane Shutter Manufacturer?

Basically, it means that working off of a well known design a company assembles the finished shutters in-house. There can be a huge difference in-between manufacturers when it comes to quality and workmanship. This is why it is so important to choose a well known company with a solid reputation.

In our case, we have three hurricane accordion shutter suppliers that we use for our customers. They supply us with the raw parts and the design of their particular shutter. We then create the shutters based on these approved designs and they are ready for installation on our client’s homes.

At Assured, we pride ourselves on our quality workmanship based on over 30 years of manufacturing. We have gained a huge amount of experience during this time and by manufacturing the product our installation team and manufacturing team work closely together to ensure the highest quality of product.

We are the only manufacturer in South Florida to manufacture three different types of hurricane shutters: The High Velocity Impact Technology Hurricane Shutter, The Bertha High Velocity Accordion Shutter, and the Supernova Hurricane Shutter. Each line of products has it’s own advantages and disadvantages, however, we choose these designs because we believe that they are the best shutters available for your home.

Some of the reasons that we have chosen these lines include a closure track along the vertical side of the shutter preventing rusty screws, available clear blades and peep holes, tighter stacking accordions for a more attractive appearance, and many more reasons.

If you are shopping for the best hurricane shutters for your home at an affordable price choose Assured Storm Protection for our manufacturing and installation experience, along with our low prices and dedication to quality customer service

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