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One of the most common questions we receive about accordion shutters is “How much do hurricane shutters cost?”. We feel that we owe it to our customers to be up front about our accordion shutter pricing. We want to build a strong relationship with our clients based on trust. That is why we never use any bait and switch tactics or other sales tactics advertising one price and giving another. We have built a solid reputation with this approach for hurricane protection in South Florida.

So back to the question, how much are accordion shutters? Our average price including installation and tax (permits extra) works out to just over 13 dollars per square foot. This price is based on a minimum of 350 square feet accordion shutter installation (the average installation size.)

In order to calculate an approximate price for accordion shutters, simply measure each of your windows in inches. Times the length and width and then divide by 144. This will give you your square footage of the window itself. Since shutters are installed outside the window add an additional 15 percent to this square foot number (1.15 times your square footage). Do this for each opening and add all of the amounts together.

Length (in inches) × Width (in inches) / 144 ×1.15 = Complete Shutter Size

Once you have your total square footage it is easy to get a ballpark price for accordion shutters. If you have less than 350 square feet, the price will be a bit over 13 dollars. If you have less than 350 square feet, the price can be a little higher per square foot.

Price of Hurricane Shutters

To summarize the above information, use the average price of $15.50 dollars a square foot to obtain your accordion shutter cost. Don’t forget to add 15 percent to your total square footage since the shutter will be larger than the window.

For a more simple, quick estimate of how much it would cost to install accordion shutters, figure about $500 per window for an average home. Depending on the size of your window, the prices may vary. If you have a lot of smaller windows, the price will be a little cheaper. If you have a lot of large windows, the price will likely be a bit more expensive.

One of our workers manufacturing hurricane shutters.

Best Accordion Shutter Prices

At Assured Storm Protection, we offer the lowest prices on quality shutters from any qualified dealer in the South Florida area. We are able to offer exceptional pricing due to our volume of installations. We also manufacture our own shutters in-house so we can pass our savings to the consumer.

3 Lines of Hurricane Shutters:

Our three lines of hurricane shutters allows us to provide our customers with the utmost selection. We offer the budget friendly Impact Technology Hurricane Shutter, the dependable Bertha Accordion Shutter, and the most visually attractive Supernova Hurricane Shutter. All three shutter styles are guaranteed to provide years of protection with weather resistant parts, a superior paint process for a long lasting finish, and additional options available such as clear blades, peek holes, and a tighter stacking design.

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