ES French Door: Hurricane Window by Assured Storm Protection

Across the industry, both prices and installation times for hurricane windows have steadily risen since the beginning of the pandemic. This is due to an increase in aluminum prices, supply chain issues, and a potential aluminum shortage.

The supply chain issues we’re experiencing due to the pandemic have crippled many industries worldwide.

These industries include everything from lumber, computer chips, and accordion shutters. As a result of the supply chain challenges, aluminum prices have skyrocketed by 78 percent, which is a 13-year high. 

In addition to the aluminum prices spiking, the costs of shipping are also unprecedented. This is due to the shortage of shipping containers as well as a lack of labor across several industries. Over the past year, a shipping container alone has increased from $3,000 to $20,000.

With these changes, we have met with our suppliers and received unfortunate news that prices are increasing again, and we had to make the difficult decision to increase our prices by around 10 to 15 percent at the end of this year.

As of November 1st, 2021, PGT and CGI have raised their prices by 10-12%. Other manufacturers are expected to raise their prices as well.

Additional price increases are expected from multiple manufacturers until the supply-chain crisis is resolved.

Although we always strive to keep its hurricane shutters as affordable as possible, the market conditions have made this especially challenging. It is taking us longer to receive shipments, and the demand for aluminum is high.

At this point, it may take months to both our manufacturers to receive the materials they need to manufacture the shutters, and months for us to receive the hurricane windows we need to install for our customers.

Despite hurricane protection solutions being costlier than ever, we want to ensure that our customers homes are protected.

If you’re in the market for hurricane shutters, peak installation season begins around mid-January.

Timelines, as of November 2021 are;

  • ES Windows: 13-15 weeks
  • All other manufacturers: minimum of 24 weeks.

We recommend buying hurricane shutters now for the 2022 hurricane season as it will increase your likelihood of obtaining protection amid the supply chain obstacles.

For more information about hurricane windows, visit our dedicated page.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

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