If you’re in the market for hurricane impact windows in Wellington and are searching for a reputable impact window company, or you’re just curious about whether impact windows are right for you, we’ll break down the benefits, best window brands, and the best impact window companies serving the Wellington area so you can make an informed decision.

Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows in Wellington

Protection With No Setup Work Required

Hurricane impact windows are built to take a beating, not only from powerful storms but also potential break-ins (and runaway baseballs from your neighbor’s kids). Hurricane windows are more than adequate protection, with all of our lines of windows being proven to defend your home from flying debris in even Category 5 storms. Additionally, hurricane-impact windows do not require any setup work before a storm arrives, offering protection around the clock.

Better Energy Efficiency

Air conditioning for homes in Wellington (and the Sunshine State as a whole) takes a lot of juice. Florida has the highest energy consumption related to AC in the US, making energy efficiency a substantial source of savings for hurricane-impact windows.

With Low-E coatings and specialized window tints, hurricane-impact windows can provide energy efficiency far greater than traditional windows. With a fully kitted impact window system, you can reduce electricity costs, increase the lifespan of your AC system, and protect your furniture, flooring, and family from UV damage.

Hurricane Impact Window Company in Wellington Florida (Interior of home)

Hurricane Windows Offer Better Noise Reduction

Most neighbors move to Wellington to enjoy a peaceful, quiet neighborhood near the adjacent cities. While quiet neighbors are not always guaranteed, noise reduction from hurricane windows is. The multi-layered glass and ultra-tight seal provided by hurricane-impact windows can reduce sounds from passing traffic, neighbors, and even lighter storms.

Impact Windows Blend In Seamlessly With Your Home

Hurricane windows for Wellington homes look virtually identical, if not a little nicer, than traditional windows, meaning there will be no aesthetic sacrifices in almost all cases. We can match your existing windows’ style, color, and tint or provide an entirely new look to your tastes.

From our 30 years of experience providing impact windows to Wellington homeowners, curb appeal is a priority. The seamless integration of hurricane windows is often the best choice to keep you and your family safe during hurricane season without aesthetic compromise.

Deciding on whether hurricane shutters or impact windows are best for you is a challenging and primarily personal decision that often involves weighing the differences in cost, convenience, and aesthetic appeal between the two. We recommend that all customers shopping for windows or shutters work with a hurricane window company that offers both options.

Here are some key considerations for Hurricane Impact Windows:

  • Hurricane Windows provide better curb appeal: Impact windows maintain or improve the original aesthetics of your home pre-installation, as opposed to hurricane shutters which add large metal fixtures to the outside edges of your windows.
  • Hurricane Windows are more convenient to operate: Unless your windows are left open and unlocked, your home is always protected with hurricane-impact windows. Unlike accordion shutters which will need to be opened and closed, or hurricane panels which will need to be hauled and screwed in before and after a storm, impact windows are always ready to defend your home.
  • Accordion Shutters are lower cost: While often justified by the various benefits hurricane windows provide in Wellington, impact windows often cost significantly more than accordion shutters.

If you want to become better informed about these differences, we have a full guide to navigating the hurricane protection buying process here, whether your home is in Wellington or any other part of South Florida!

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Best Impact Window Company in Wellington

When searching for an impact window company in Wellington, it’s important to consider several factors: their reputation, their product offering, their customer satisfaction, and their pricing.

It’s important to note that working with a hurricane window company within your city is not usually wise or necessary, as many of the best hurricane-impact window companies are in the surrounding South Florida Metro Area.

Assured Storm Protection, based in North Broward County, stands out as one of the most experienced, trusted, and competitively priced impact window companies in the Wellington area and South Florida. With over 30 years of experience in providing impact windows Wellington and protecting over 30,000 homes throughout South Florida and nearly 1,000 positive reviews across the internet, you can depend on Assured Storm Protection for warranty service.

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What kind of hurricane protection does Wellington need?

Wellington is no stranger to hurricane impact windows and hurricane protection at large. As a result of Hurricane Andrew’s impact on the state of Florida, it has one of the most stringent building codes. Dozens if not hundreds of hurricane window companies serve the Wellington area.

Most homes in Wellington have hurricane-rated roofs, but not hurricane impact windows

Because of these regulations, most newly constructed homes in the area have robust hurricane-rated roofing and concrete slab outer wall construction, which, in some cases, are mandated by law.

That said, the building code in Wellington wasn’t as particular about window protection. As many as 60% of homes in Wellington lack adequate window protection, such as impact windows, leaving the majority of the city vulnerable to hurricane or even tropical storm damage.

Wellington has a low risk of storm surge but a significant risk of wind damage.

Wellington, a city that lies miles from Florida’s east coast, is not as likely to suffer the effects of storm surge but still has a reasonable flood risk due to the various canals and lakes running through the city.

This being said, the primary reason Wellington homes will get damaged during a tropical storm or hurricane is inadequate wind damage protection, such as hurricane-impact windows or accordion shutters

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