At Assured Storm Protection, we are proud of the products we carry. We choose to deal with USA suppliers, and our engineers regularly test new and innovative hurricane shutters to see if they meet our strict standards.

During one of our routine hurricane shutter tests, we came across a product called the Supernova Hurricane Shutter. This shutter is changing the accordion shutter industry due to its many features and cosmetically appealing appearance. In fact, it is the most attractive hurricane shutter you can buy!

We are proud to announce that we have added the Supernova Hurricane Shutter to our lineup beside the Impact Accordion Shutter and Bertha Accordion Shutter. This means that we are now the only manufacturer in South Florida who carries 3 different types of hurricane shutters. This provides our customers with multiple options resulting in them having the best product installed that will meet their individual needs.

Supernova Hurricane Shutters – Just a Few of the Many Benefits:

– A noise reduction feature resulting in less vibrations (and noise) while closed.

– A closure channel that does not require screws that may rust over time.

– Heavy duty weather resistant construction including stainless steel wheels, fade resistant paint, and many more.

– Many styles available including clear accordion blades.

– The most attractive shutter available on the market due to a low profile and tight stacking blades.

You may also rest assured that the Supernova exceeds both Miami-Dade and HVHZ code requirements (the toughest requirements in the United States). Many of our competitors tell consumers that their shutters are rated at a higher impact MPH and are therefore better. The truth is that Miami-Dade and HVHZ give a pass or fail grade to shutters. The major differences between shutters are the features such as closure channels, product paint finish, and installation quality.

Don’t get fooled by the false advertising out there. We have access to all of the same shutters, but choose our 3 product lineup based on over 30 years of manufacturing and installation experience.

The Supernova Hurricane Shutter is designed to work in South Florida! Contact us today for more information about all of the features and benefits offered by the Supernova Hurricane Shutter!

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