In a shocking move PGT Industries has announced that it will purchase it’s rival company CGI Windows & Doors. At Assured Storm Protection, we receive our hurricane window and door products from both CGI and PGT. We have a lot of experience with each supplier. Over the years PGT has offered high quality products and is considered by many the dependable and proven hurricane protection supplier. They have a strong history of customer service excellence and have always been a pleasure to deal with during our interactions.

About CGI Hurricane Windows & Doors

CGI has been a quickly rising window and door company over the past few years. We have noticed a very large surge in business recently as CGI has become more established in the marketplace. The reason for their success is a combination of a few different things. First of all, CGI has put a lot of detail into the visual appearance of their hurricane windows. For example, a hidden balance bar and a full bottom lip on their single hung windows is simply more attractive than the PGT WinGuard counterpart. Small details like this push our customers into the CGI Sentinel Series time and time again. CGI has also offers some great volume pricing and sale events which allows us to offer these more attractive windows at a lower price point than their competitors.

For these reasons alone we understand why PGT felt the need to acquire CGI. The bottom line is that both CGI and PGT make high quality hurricane window and door products, and PGT saw CGI as a real threat to their market share.

What Will Happen to CGI Hurricane Windows & Doors After Acquisition?

It is our understand that PGT Industries recognizes the strides that CGI has made in the window industry in Florida. This branding is not something that PGT will throw away. Instead, look to see PGT improve upon the CGI window and door lineup utilizing their many years of hurricane protection experience. Typically speaking PGT has put a huge amount of money behind their hurricane impact window lines. With their experience in advertising, we expect CGI to become a much more household name (very quickly). Also, the shared window technology between the two hurricane window manufacturers should help to cement PGT Industries as the leading hurricane window and door supplier in the United States.

Should Customers Still Feel Confident in the CGI Hurricane Window & Door Brand?

Customer’s should continue to consider CGI hurricane windows & doors for their hurricane protection needs. PGT is an excellent company with many years of experience in this industry. Since all indications are that they will continue the CGI brand, the PGT acquisition may actually be a huge benefit for customers. By combining resources and best practices look for PGT to offer even better customer service for their upcoming CGI customers.

PGT Industries Official Press Release

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