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How do accordion shutters stack up?

Why Choose Hurricane Accordion Shutters?

Hurricane accordion shutters are the most popular hurricane shutter solution for good reason:

Accordion shutters are the most cost-effective: On average, hurricane accordion shutters cost 3-4 times less than impact windows and offer virtually the same level of protection.

Accordion shutters are more convenient: While 10-20% [more expensive than hurricane panels], accordion shutters can save you the hassle of hauling panels across your home during a hurricane watch or warning. Accordion hurricane shutters are permanently attached to your home, so there’s no need to haul heavy panels around your home before a storm.

Our hurricane shutters exceed all guidelines

All of our hurricane shutters meet and exceed all guidelines set by Miami-Dade HVHZ and the Florida Building Code. They have been extensively tested to ensure your and your family’s safety. Our accordion shutter products are Miami-Dade Approved, TAS & ASTM-tested, and Florida Building Council-approved.

Florida Building Commission, Miami-Dade Approved, ASTM
Hurricane Accordion Shutters

The strongest hurricane accordion shutters by design

Our hurricane accordion shutters are manufactured from heavy-gauge, 6000 series (6063-T6 Alloy, 31,700 PSI) aluminum panels and feature optimal blade span lengths to ensure maximum protection and durability.

Closure channels for better corrosion prevention & aesthetics

The Supernova & Bertha hurricane shutters come with closure channels to further reduce the chance of rust damage, provide a cleaner look, and increase structural durability. Closure channels lessen the need for additional screws that can rust or bend and give a much cleaner look with fewer exposed screws.

Smooth-Glide accordion shutter wheels for easy operation

Our accordion shutter wheels are constructed of nylon, which makes the shutter far easier to open and close and can reduce the risk of premature rusting by limiting metal-on-metal contact between the wheels and track.

More durable hurricane shutter clips and straps

Our nylon hurricane shutter clips provide a more durable and simple solution to keeping your shutters open when they are not in use. They are far more durable than traditional Velcro straps, which often require frequent replacement.

Hassle-free operation with our easy-lock design

Our accordion shutter rain guards provide superior protection from water penetration, reducing the need for additional maintenance and lowering the risk of reduced longevity.

Durable automotive-grade paint & coating

Each of our accordion shutters are finished with fade-resistant, baked-on, powder-coated paint. This process is used to paint automobiles to ensure a lasting coat and protection from the elements.

Weather-resistant hurricane shutter hardware

Our accordion shutter assemblies have a diverse range of weather-resistant parts such as rust and corrosion-resistant screws, nylon wheels, stainless-steel locks, and drilling screws.

Our accordion shutter wheels consist of a robust stainless-steel housing with nylon rollers. All assembly screws are coated with a rust-preventative coating, and all locks and self-drilling screws are stainless steel. We surpass all other accordion shutter companies in thoughtfulness in design and installation.

Various accordion shutter attachment options

The strength of your accordion shutters is essential, but hurricane shutters cannot adequately protect your home without being properly anchored. Our hurricane accordion shutters are designed with various track system options and attachments to ensure excellent attachment to walls and floors of nearly any material, structure, or shape. We even offer patio enclosure options to simplify securing your patio before a storm.

More options & extras than any other hurricane accordion shutter company

Since we manufacture and install three hurricane accordion shutter systems in-house, we can accommodate virtually any unique hurricane shutter installation need and offer some of the most competitive pricing of any hurricane accordion shutter company.

Icon depicting the appearance of a lexan blade on an accordion hurricane shutter Lexan Blades

Our Lexan blades allow natural light to enter your home by replacing what would typically be an aluminum panel in your accordion shutter with a piece of ballistic-grade polycarbonate. If it’s enough to stop a bullet, it’s more than enough to protect your window.

Icon displaying the appearance of a peephole on a accordion shutter Peepholes

Our hurricane shutter peepholes allow light to enter your home through a small circular-cut peephole filled with ballistic-grade polycarbonate glass. While it won’t be as light as a Lexan blade, it can be nice to look outside your home.

Color Options

We offer four different hurricane shutter color options to comply with all South Florida HOA associations and suit nearly all customer tastes: White, Ivory, Beige, and Bronze.

Our three accordion shutter systems

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Frequently Asked Questions about Accordion Shutters

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Engineering, Manufacturing, and Installation Process

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Notices: As of Jan. 10, 2021, we no longer offer two transparent blades for free. Although, they are available for a cost of $75/each.

Note: We do not paint or color the hurricane shutters we manufacture; we work with separate providers that provide automotive-grade painting and coating, so there may be minor differences in shade between the color sample we show you and the final product.