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Strength, Style and Security For Your Home and Family with Hurricane Windows

Founded in 1992, CGI is one of the original pioneers in the manufacturing of high performance impact hurricane resistant windows and doors. CGI is one of the most preferred brands by architects, developers, and builders alike. CGI is an excellent choice when higher design pressure is needed for condos, high-rises, and home owners looking for enhanced strength, style and security.

Hurricane impact windows on a parkland home

High Quality, Locally Manufactured Hurricane Windows

CGI windows exceed all high-velocity hurricane zones tests (HVHZ) and are a great product for South Florida homes. In fact, their manufacturing plant is located right here in Doral, Florida. Simply put, CGI windows and doors are stronger and more cosmetically appealing than almost any hurricane window and door competitor.

CGI has focused on quality impact window frame details. The Sentinel Line has a thicker extrusion which is 25% thicker than a regular impact window, along with a superior captured bottom rail u-frame design (for improved strength and protection from water infiltration). Another great feature is the hidden balance bar resulting in a cleaner, neater looking window.

For the energy-conscious consumer, CGI offers a Low-E coating that filters out over 99% of the damaging UV rays. This is a great upgrade for our South Florida customers due to the amount of sunshine we receive each year and will help protect your home while saving you money on your utility bills. CGI also offers many different choices of hurricane window tints including gray, bronze, Solexia green, mist, and many more. There are also different locking mechanisms to choose from including a standard sweep lock, or the popular self-closing auto lock.

With a full line of hurricane impact windows and doors, CGI is one of our most popular product lines in the Florida marketplace.

Single-Hung Hurricane Windows

CGI single-hung impact windows have the most cosmetically appealing finish out of any of our hurricane window suppliers. CGI has a reputation for paying attention to the small design details.

Features include hidden balance bars, self-closing locks, architecturally even sightlines, and a top rail that does not protrude. CGI single-hung windows are the cleanest, neatest, and nicest impact windows available, with a price tag that is slightly higher than EAS and PGT.

One of the benefits of having 5 window suppliers is that we are able to take advantage of sales and promotions from each company. CGI often runs sale events that bring the price down to even with fellow competitors, resulting in the best single-hung hurricane impact window available for the money.

Single-Hung Hurricane Window -- A window with two panes of glass placed vertically-parallel to eachother.

Horizontal Rolling Windows

CGI horizontal rolling hurricane impact windows are as well made as their single-hung counterpart. They are beautifully finished with equal lines or 1/4″x1/2″x1/4″ configurations, a flush design with wept sill and double weatherstripping to keep mother nature outside, and a structural string glazing.

Available in two panels or three-panel configurations (OX, XO, or XOX), CGI horizontal rollers are priced extremely competitively and often come out less expensive than other manufacturers.

Additional features include a hidden anchor cover on the jamp, glazing beads that are extruded and snap-on, 3 #10 1 1/4″ fastener (stainless steel) in each window corner, and a thick screen frame with SuperView fiberglass mesh.

Horizontal Rolling Hurricane Window -- Two panes of glass, placed horizontally paralell to eachother.

Casement Impact Windows

CGI Casement Impact Windows are a very well-engineered product. They come standard with dual stainless steel arms which are rotary operated (with a crank handle) to open the window. CGI Casement Hurricane Windows feature a pair of stainless steel concealed hinges and two locks to secure the window in place.

Casement Hurricane Windows are a popular option for bedrooms with small window openings, where single-hung windows or horizontal rolling windows are too large and do not meet the egress code (an exit point in the home in the event of an emergency).

Keep in mind impact glass is very difficult to break though and in the chance of fire it can take firemen some time to break through casement windows, even with special equipment, and in the event of an emergency time is always a resource in limited supply. The cost of Casement Windows are almost double that of other options and usually only ordered by our customers when needed for egress for code.

Casement Hurricane Window

Fixed Impact Windows & Designer Impact Windows

CGI fixed impact windows will do more than just protect your home. They will deliver superior strength & durability, and are priced aggressively for small sized openings (especially under 10 square feet). CGI fixed impact windows offer unmatched quality and are an excellent choice when looking for any of the following styles: Picture, Arch, Eyebrow, Cathedral & Circle.

If you are looking for a unique appearance for your home designer impact windows offer a standout style that you will not see on a lot of other residences in South Florida. A unique shape combined with a standout finish such as walnut or hazelnut brown will make a statement about you quality requirements and style.

Fixed and Designer Hurricane Windows

Hurricane French Doors & Impact Swing Doors

CGI Hurricane French Doors are a solid upgrade option from typical glass sliding doors. They may be installed as a single door (swing door) or a double door (the most common configuration) with two single doors side by side. French Doors provide a beautiful addition to your home. They come at a premium price (generally double the cost of a hurricane impact sliding door) and offer a refined appearance and easy functionality.

French Doors for openings greater than 72 inches come with sidelights and have the option of a plain or colonial look. CGI offers multiple impact french door lines including the Sentinel 160 Series (value) line which offers impressive quality at an affordable price. Standard features include a 4′ frame (deep), an outswing configuration, and a sill cover that is square or slanted.

Hurricane French Door

Hurricane Sliding Glass Doors

CGI carries multiple lines of sliding hurricane impact glass doors. Their most popular collections including The Estate Collection, The Sentinel Collection, and the Commercial Collection.

The Estate Collection is pictured here with a premium walnut brown finish and is considered the premium line of sliding glass doors available from CGI. Other available finishes from the Estate Collection include White, Bronze, Bone White, Clear Anodized, Mahogany Red, and Hazelnut Brown.

The most popular CGI sliding door collection is the 150 Series Sentinel (Standard), which features an interior lock and handle, stainless steel rollers, mitered decorative interior corners, and two-point locks.

The 150 Series is noted to be one of the strongest, well-made, and highly finished hurricane impact slider doors. They are priced the same as other top impact slider doors on the market today and provide homeowners with exceptional protection in the most extreme hurricane conditions.

The Sentinel Collection is available in both white and bronze finishes and is considered the most affordable quality hurricane impact door slider from CGI (without sacrificing any quality).

Hurricane Sliding Door