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About Custom Window Systems

Custom Window Systems (CWS) is an established hurricane impact window and door company located in Ocala, Florida. In business since 1986, CWS has an impressive lineup of hurricane protection products. At Assured Storm Protection, we always want to offer our customers the best in Hurricane Protection. The WINDPACT Window lineup from CWS provides the best in a vinyl frame hurricane-resistant window where energy efficiency and environmental awareness is a requirement.

One of the major benefits offered from CWS Vinyl Hurricane Impact Windows is a Lifetime Limited Warranty from a USA supplier. CWS believes strongly in their WINDPACT window products and backs it up in writing for a worry-free consumer experience. Another impressive statistic about CWS is that they were the first Florida window manufacturer to receive the Energy Star Rating, based on the most strict requirements for energy efficiency.

Vinyl Hurricane Impact Window Frames

If you are shopping for hurricane-resistant windows, you may have heard a lot of talk about vinyl window frames. Vinyl frames are just one of the components that help make a window energy efficient. Vinyl is created using ethylene and chlorine (derived from natural gas and salt). When combined with other components, the result is a versatile material called PVC. The PVC used in window frame construction contains additional ingredients that help the window frame withstand weather and improve longevity.

Why get Vinyl Impact Windows?

Typically, the main two reasons people choose to purchase vinyl hurricane window frames are:

Getting the maximum energy efficiency possible out of a window frame. In South Florida, utility bills are often extremely expensive. The vinyl frames reduce heat transfer resulting in a diminished need for home cooling (resulting in lower bills). Vinyl also reduces expansion and contraction due to its insulation properties. When vinyl frames are combined with Low-E glass homeowners regularly see impressive reductions in their cooling costs.

The second reason is longevity, typically people who want the longest-lasting product will end up choosing Vinyl Hurricane Window frames. The micro-ingredients added by CWS result in a window that will outlast its aluminum counterpart. This is the major reason why CWS is able to offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty on their WINDPACT products.

A house with CWS Hurricane Windows Installed

CWS WINDPACT Plus Hurricane Impact Resistant Vinyl Windows & Doors

Are you interested in the best hurricane window protection available? The WINDPACT Plus hurricane window and door line available from Assured Storm Protection delivers in all of the major quality areas for hurricane protection. When these windows and doors are installed in your home, you will enjoy reduced sound transmissions (a quieter home), the best in window energy efficiency, and a longer lasting window product.

Impact windows also provide increased security due to the fact that the glass is so hard to break, resulting in a major theft deterrent along with protection from flying debris.

To download the WINDPACT Plus Brochure, please click here.

Hurricane Windows That Compete With The WINDPACT

CWS was the first window manufacturer in Florida to obtain an Energy Star rating from the NFRC. In just two years (from 2011 to 2013), four of the top impact window manufacturers introduced their own lines of energy efficient hurricane impact windows in Florida to compete with CWS.

CGI introduced the Targa 7000 series, PGT created the PremierVue 2700 series, Anderson brought the A-Series with Stormwatch, and EAS introduced the Earthwise Vinyl series.

Why Choose WINDPACT Plus for Energy Efficiency?

All of these competing products are quality hurricane window products, however Custom Window Systems Windpact Plus is still decades ahead of the competition. This is largely due to the following:

1. WINDPACT Plus offers multiple hollow chambers (up to 3 times more than most competitors) which adds additional strength and insulation to your home.

2. All CWS hurricane impact windows come standard with insulated glass that is filled with Argon gas. This barrier reduces heat transfer through the glass and utilizes the patented Duraseal feature for a better edge seal. When combined with 366 Low-E, CWS WINDPACT Plus delivers a more efficient window than any other manufacturer that boasts a 99.7% UV filtering effect “ Great for not only lowering utility bills but also for reducing UV light damage (for example a fading area rug).

3. Solar Heat Cain Coefficient (SHGC) “ Many of our customers often ask what this rating means. SHGC is a measurement from 0 to 1 and refers to the solar radiation admitted through the glass. The WINDPACT Plus delivers an amazing 0.20 SHGC rating when combined with 366 Low-E.

4. Cosmetically Appealing Hurricane Windows “ The cosmetic appeal of a hurricane window is an important aspect to consider when having them installed on your home. CWS delivers a beautiful finished product that contains many details overlooked by competitors. Features such as a hidden balance bar, even sight-lines, non-protruding top rail, and double-action self-locking sash locks (with an integrated lift handle for easy opening) all come standard on CWS windows delivering a product to consumers that are not only attractive but are very easy to operate.

5. CWS provides a unique twin single hung and tombstone single hung hurricane window. By combining two windows into one piece, this configuration cuts down on window gaps reducing air leakage.

Cost of CWS Energy Efficient Windows

It is our expert option that CWS over delivers on every aspect of an energy efficient hurricane impact window. They offer an unmatched limited lifetime warranty and back up their products with this guarantee.

Vinyl impact windows average about 33% more when compared to an aluminum impact window without Low E, and about 50% more on their insulated Argon gas-filled products. Many people in South Florida believe that it is worth the extra investment to reduce their energy costs while protecting their homes from harmful UV rays.