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Eastern Metal has been leading the hurricane protection industry in South Florida since 1982. They are a proud USA manufacturer with their head office located in Fort Myers, Florida, and are the only supplier in the state that offers the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval on their vinyl impact window line.

The company underwent some major changes at the start of 2011 by acquiring Flesher Windows. This acquisition allowed Eastern Metal to offer a more robust lineup of hurricane impact windows to their clientele. During this major development, Eastern Metal was rebranded Eastern Architectural Systems (EAS) to reflect their new lineup.

EAS is proud to offer the best selling hurricane accordion shutter on the market to date. The Bertha Hurricane Accordion Shutter has been providing residents in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade with exceptional hurricane protection for many years.

Although the acquisition of Flesher Windows happened fairly recently, EAS is gaining major ground in the hurricane window marketplace and is on its way to becoming the number one selling impact window company in all hurricane prone zones.

With over 400 employees dedicated to manufacturing high quality impact windows, EAS has put a focus on offering an affordable hurricane impact window product while utilizing Cardinal Glass, the number one impact glass manufacturer in the United States.

The blending of the fabrication expertise from EAS and Cardinal’s superior workmanship consistently delivers consumers a hurricane impact window with greater strength, durability, reliability, & cosmetic appeal, leading to increased peace of mind.

EAS Hurricane Impact Window Overview

EAS impact windows will do more than just protect your home. They will deliver superior strength and durability than many competitors, and are priced lower than our other four lines.

The EAS Fixed Impact Window (EAS 2000 Series) is our top pick when looking for an Arch, Eyebrow, Cathedral or Circle design. They come standard with thick impact resistant glass, and are constructed with an aluminum frame (3” depth). The double veined felts maximize the prevention of air and water penetration, and include a preloaded spring balance to increase window longevity.

Stainless steel components are also available for increased protection against corrosion, especially popular with homeowners who live along the Golden Coast.

With the release of their 3000 Series in July (2014), this premium line is priced slightly higher than the 2000 Series but includes a polished finish. The 3000 Series is positioned as the Cadillac of hurricane fixed impact windows.

EAS Hurricane Impact Sliding Doors

EAS Sliding Glass Door

Eastern Architectural Systems provides a range of hurricane impact sliding doors. Their three major lines include the 6000 Series, the 7000 Series, and the 8100 Series.

The EAS 6000 Series sliding impact door is by far the least expensive on the market to date. Although cosmetically it is not as appealing as their more expensive counterparts, the 6000 offers a great entry point when upgrading from hurricane accordion shutters.

The EAS 8100 Series is the premium product offered to the higher end consumer with an attractive appearance and easy to use slider.

In September 2014, EAS will be releasing a new line called the 7000 Series. This line will utilize many of the advantages offered by the 8100 Series at a more affordable price.

To download the EAS 8100 Series Brochure, please click here.

EAS Horizontal Roller Hurricane Impact Windows

EAS Horizontal Roller Impact Window

The horizontal roller window line from EAS does a great job at protection your home in hurricane prone areas. The FWI 1000 HR is priced similarly to competing products from PGT and CGI and offers a quality sliding window operation due to its heavy duty rollers (adjustable).

Our customers often choose horizontal rollers from EAS when installing a mix of single hung and horizontal impact windows. This is primarily due to the uniform construction offered between the different products ensuring a consistent exterior appearance.

To download the EAS FWI 1000 Brochure, please click here.

EAS Single Hung Hurricane Impact Windows

EAS Single Hung Hurricane Window

The FWI 1000 SH line of single hung hurricane impact windows from EAS exceeds Miami-Dade code requirements and is priced lower than PGT and CGI single hung products. It is a great option for many South Florida window consumers due to its attractive appearance and longevity.

Although the price point is very appealing, we would like to see certain features added in the future such as a cover to hide the window balance bars.

Overall the Single Hung Windows from EAS offer a great value option while still boasting an impressive features list including double veined felts, uniform construction, stainless steel components, preloaded spring balancers, and optional insulated glass.

To download the EAS FWI 1000 SH Brochure, please click here.