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A hurricane window option for all tastes

Hurricane Impact Windows come many different styles, most manufactures carry the same styles, the most common are Single Hung, Horizontal rollers and Sliding Glass doors , French doors, Casements window and fixed windows, all impact windows will basically function the same, and most impact glass is made by Cardinal glass, PGT does however makes their own glass, but gets about 25% of their glass from Cardinal, so no matter which manufacturer style you like best, which is mostly Selected for the style and Design of the frame, the glass in the window will be the same the only differences will be in testing and Marketing used by different manufactures.

What you should know about different hurricane window styles

Testing is Required for all impact windows, in South Florida impact windows need to pass Miami – Dade testing which has the most stringent testing anywhere, most manufactures offer impact glass in 5/16 and some in 7/16 for impact windows, and 7/16 or 9/16 for sliders, French doors and Fixed windows.


Most customers looking for new Hurricane window get confused on this or mislead by some salesman to think that glass that there offing is 7/16 on the single window they wanted must be stronger the 5/16 single hung offered by a different manufacture, this is not necessarily true , the answer is really simple their impact window failed testing, mainly because there frame was not strong enough, and they had to increase the thickness of the glass or add heat strength glass (a process of applying heat to make glass stronger ) which cost less than to redesign the frame and adding chambers inside the frame for support and strength or increasing the thickness of the frame.


In short testing for strength is performed by PSF (pounds per square foot) not thickness of the glass, in any buildings under 4 stories an impact window with a PSF of 50 or above is the minimum requirement to pass. So when deciding on which impact windows are best for you looking at the styles and design and price you like best, as long as is Miami Dade approved and PSF of 50 or more.if you have some windows that are very large to increase the PSF most manufacturers will use heat strength glass if needed


Note buildings over 5 stores will require higher pressures more so in zone 5 (windows in corner of building


When shopping for hurricane impact windows and doors ,Assured storm Protection will make sure you understand all your options there benefits and added cost so you may best choose what is best for you After Selecting the Manufacture Impact windows and sliders you like best in design, and which style you find best fits your home, single hung, Horizontal rollers or Casements sliders or French doors then there some other options you will need to choose from, Vinyl or Aluminum frames, frame Color white or Bronze, Muntin grid design for glass, do you want clear glass or tinted gray or bronze, or if you want Low E to improve Energy Efficiency if you like French doors for your home you can upgrade to a 5 point locking system or use the same locks and handles you have or buy new locks and handles.


Note that regardless of design, all of the windows carried at Assured meet and exceed Florida and HVHZ building code requirements, and will help to protect you and your home in the event of a hurricane.

Single hung impact windows

Single hung impact windows are the most common hurricane windows installed in South Florida due to their traditional style and cost effectiveness. Most homeowners are accustomed to this style where only the bottom half of the window opens sliding across the section portion of glass.

Single hung hurricane windows are available from all five of our hurricane window manufacturers. The difference in between our brands comes down to each particular frame style and finish. For example, CGI is considered our most attractive window product due to hidden balances, a concealed head anchor sill, and mounted self-closing locks.

This picture illustrates a single hung colonial style window with an arch at the top.

Single-Hung Hurricane Window -- A window with two panes of glass placed vertically-parallel to eachother.

Horizontal Rolling Impact Windows

Horizontal sliding windows are mounted horizontally to slide past each other. They can be single sliders or double sliders. With single slider hurricane windows, the right or left sash is moveable and the opposite is fixed in place. Double sliders allow both sashes to slide resulting in more flexibility when opening the impact window.

Our most popular horizontal roller products are manufactured by CGI, PGT and EAS. They are all extremely high quality products. We encourage our customers to check with their hurricane protection expert about which sale is going on from each supplier, as price often dictates the product choice in this case.

Horizontal Rolling Hurricane Window -- Two panes of glass, placed horizontally paralell to eachother.

Fixed Impact Windows

A fixed hurricane impact window is a window that is not movable (cannot be opened or closed). These windows are often seen in South Florida to take advantage of additional sunshine and cosmetic attractiveness.

Just a few of the many fixed window styles available include: Picture Windows, Cathedral Arch Windows, Eyebrow Windows, Circle Windows (full, half, and quarter), Fan Windows, Trapezoid Windows, Doghouse Windows, Oval Windows, and Hexagon Windows.

From left to right the windows displayed below are: Custom Cathedral, Cathedral, Eyebrow, & Half Circle Over Single Hung.

Fixed Hurricane Window

Hurricane Impact Sliders

Assured Storm Protection has been installing hurricane impact sliding doors (sliders) for over 30 years in the South Florida marketplace.

During this time we have found that most USA manufactured sliding doors offer a high quality product. A customer’s decision often depends on slight differences in door design. For example, PGT offers a light door product which is easier to open and close. CGI offers a heavier slider, which is a more solid construction but heavier to operate.

We often recommend the new 7000 Series Sliding Door from EAS, which offers a lower price point than the 8000 Series and is easier to operate then the lower end 6000 Series. The CGI Sentinel 150 Series is also a very popular option due to its quality and design.

Hurricane Sliding Door

French Impact Doors

French doors that are hurricane impact resistant are a high-end option. These are double doors that open on each side and may have an additional fixed window installed vertically on each side.

One of the reasons that we have so many door suppliers is so we can offer certain products from different manufacturers resulting in a lower price for the consumer.

After considering affordability, cosmetic appeal, and sturdy construction, our most recommended French door product comes from ECO. We are able to offer a lower priced French door product than virtually any of our competitors.

Hurricane French Door

Other types of Impact Windows

Casement impact windows

Casement impact windows are one piece of fixed glass with a crank handle to open the window left or right. Casement windows are used to meet egress code when windows in a bedroom are too small (5 sq. ft. or less). They are mainly installed in high-end homes that upgrade to casements to allow a clear view with no frame obstructions. They are, however, almost twice the price of single hung windows or horizontal rollers.

Project-out windows

Project out impact windows are similar to casement windows. Project-out windows are one piece of fixed glass that has a crank and handle to open the window. Project out impact windows can also be used to meet egress code, but are mostly used in bathrooms so they can be opened slightly while maintaining privacy. Just like casement windows, project out windows are almost twice the price of single hung windows or horizontal rollers.

Casement Hurricane Window