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When shopping for hurricane impact windows and doors, Assured Storm Protection will make sure you understand all your options, their benefits, and added cost so you can what is best for you. After selecting your Impact Window and Slider manufacturer (note: you can choose multiple!) You can start to think about the window style that best suits your home and your personal taste.

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Frame Material and Color

There are a few primary/common structural styles of impact windows such as; single hung, horizontal roller, casements sliders, and French door. Then you can select the frame material, which in most cases, customers chose from Vinyl or Aluminum frames. The frame material is also important when choosing the color of the frame.

Note that regardless of design, all of the windows that we provide and install at Assured Storm Protection meet and exceed Florida and HVHZ building code requirements, and will help to protect you and your home in the event of a hurricane. All choices, whether in frame material, color, style, and otherwise are completely cosmetic, so you do not have to worry about any compromises in quality or safety.

Window Patterns

For additional styling, many clients choose a Colonial or Brittany pattern to improve upon the cosmetic appeal of their home or office. All styles are available from Assured Storm Protection, with the plain pattern providing the most affordable hurricane window option.

There are a number of different window designs available when shopping for new hurricane impact windows. Below you will see three different window designs: Plain, Colonial, and Brittany (displayed from left to right).

French Doors and Locking Systems

If you are thinking about getting Hurricane French Doors, you can upgrade to a 5-point locking system, use the same locks and handles from your old french doors, or purchase your own locks and handles.

Orientation of Horizontal Rollers Windows

If you selected horizontal Rollers, you will need to decied if you want to have your windows open from the left or right side of the window. For Horizontal Roller hurricane windows over 74 inches, you have to use the XOX orientation, which simply means that both the edge windows (left and right) will slide into the fixed glass in the middle of the window fixture.

French Door Locking System

With French Doors, you have the option to use a sandard 3-point locking system, wher one door has a dummy handle, or no handle at all. Or you can use a 5-point locking system with some manufacturers, such as ECO Window Systems. A 5-point locking system allow both doors to have operable handles and locks which can be keyed with the same key.

Many options for hurricane window tinting

There are many choices when deciding on what color/style of tint you want to use on your new impact windows. The most common colors that our customers choose for tint are clear, gray, bronze, and Low-E. We also offer Dark Gray (Turtle Code) which are required by code to use on homes facing the beach as it prevents turtles from seeing the lights from your home. We also offer Solexia (Green) and Azuria (Blue) tints. There are also some tint patterns available that can help obscure view from the outside of your home, looking in. These patterns are White Interlayer, Mist, and Rain Glass.