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Step 1

Research each Hurricane Window company and recieve quotes

We are completely transparent when it comes to our impact window and door installations. When you first contact Assured Storm Protection, we will take preliminary measurements of your windows and doors and will thoroughly explain your options, and the specifics our products to you. We often show you actual samples of the windows in order for you to make decisions on certain brands and custom options during this process.

If you are collecting multiple quotes, we encourage you to check Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau to make sure you are dealing with a reputable installer. Also, we encourage you to check that installer’s licenses and insurance are up to date in the installation county (such as Broward or Palm Beach).

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Step 2

Choose an impact window installation company

When you are ready to make the decision to invest in impact windows, contact the company and sign the contract. A deposit is usually required at this time. If you have found a better price from an alternate quote, we encourage you to speak to us about our price match guarantee (terms & conditions apply). After signing the contract, our engineer will contact you within 72 hours to make arrangements to take precise measurements and explain how your job will be carried out. At

Step 3

Permit application (and HOA approval if needed)

After our engineer has taken all of the final measurements, we will submit a permit application on your behalf to all necessary parties. We have a strong relationship with many of the governing bodies and are often complemented by the inspectors on the quality of our work. Our goal is to make the permitting process as seamless as possible. Note that any permit fees are typically in addition to the impact window quote, and are charged separately from your quote. A rough cost estimate may be obtained directly from the city, county, and HOA (if applicable).

on the phone for permit approval
Step 4

Your hurricane impact windows and doors are ordered/manufactured

After the permit application has been submitted, we will go ahead and order the hurricane impact windows and doors required for your installation (along with any additional materials needed).

One of our workers manufacturing hurricane shutters.
Step 5

Your hurricane windows are delivered to us

Once we receive the impact windows at our factory, we will schedule an installation date with you. Note that due to the weather in South Florida, installation dates may need to be adjusted. We do not want any damage to occur due to strong winds or rain during the installation process.

a pallet used to ship hurricane impact windows.
Step 6

The Window Installation Begins

Our expert installation team will arrive along with the impact window products. We will commence covering your furniture and we will move anything necessary to protect your home from damage and excess dust and debris.

The installation team starts by removing the old windows and preparing the opening. During the old window disassembly, the glass is removed from the frames first to reduce stucco and drywall damage. The opening is cleaned and inspected for necessary buckling repair (the existing framing must not be buckling in order to offer the proper structural integrity of the new impact window). Each opening is then approved by the job foreman.

A new hurricane impact window dry-fit takes place to ensure proper hurricane window placement. The installers will then apply a sealant to the opening and place the new window into the location.

At this time the window is leveled and set to be secured to the home. The window is secured by tapcons that attach through the window framing and penetrate the structure of your window opening.

Impact windows are secured by drilling into the concrete or structural wood framing and essentially become part of the structure of your home making it virtually impossible to be pushed in or pulled out. After all the tapcons are installed the window is double checked for proper level and operation. At this time the window is sealed both inside and outside by industrial-grade sealants to avoid any water penetration for many years to come.

our installation team and engineers meeting before an installation.
Step 7

Homeowner Walkthrough

Upon completion of your installation, our engineer will return to your home and thoroughly inspect each and every window to ensure that the job has been installed to Assured Storm Protection’s strict quality standards. The engineer will ensure all hurricane impact windows and doors have been properly sealed, all exterior stucco and interior drywall are in their original condition, and that your home and new windows are free from debris and functioning properly. We will ask for final payment at this point.

A walk of the installation area is then completed with the homeowner to ensure their satisfaction.

walkthrough of the house
Step 8

Final Inspection from Governing Bodies (Permit Completion & Close)

After the engineer’s inspection and homeowner approval, Assured Storm Protection will contact the building department to schedule a final inspection on your behalf. This hurricane window inspection is completed with the homeowner and inspector in order to close the open job permits. The inspector will refer to the permit package provided to the homeowner by Assured Storm and will inspect each hurricane impact window and door opening to ensure that it meets the code requirements.

The inspector will then provide the homeowner with a pass or fail grade. If the inspection passes, the permit is closed and the installation job is complete. In the event of a failed grade, the inspector will provide additional installation requirements to the homeowner. Although this is a rare occurrence, it does sometimes happen and we are dedicated to making the installation correct in a timely manner with minimal inconvenience to the homeowner. We are committed to customer satisfaction and will do everything necessary to make our customers satisfied. The inspector will then return to view the corrections and close the permit.

windows being inspected