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Hurricane shutter panels are the most affordable hurricane shutter system to install.

Hurricane Shutter Panels on sale! Average Installed Price of only $8.95 per square foot!

Hurricane storm panels are more labor-intensive than Accordion Shutter and Roll-Down Shutters to put up before a storm, but they do provide adequate hurricane protection. This protection leads to discounts on your homeowner’s insurance, and the shutters will often pay for themselves within a few years due to this discount.

Our Hurricane Shutter Panels are hemmed to reduce sharp edges for safety when installing. They are fairly light making it possible for different family members to install them on the home. Our shutters maintain Miami-Dade code requirements, the strictest in the United States.

Storm panel applications are very versatile, allowing for inconspicuous mounting hardware as well as the option of mounting the panels horizontally or vertically to suit your needs. Hurricane storm panel hardware and tracks are as follows:

Solid-set anchors

Solid-set anchors are installed using a half inch combo bit. The anchor is then secured with a setting tool which when struck with a hammer causes the anchor to flare out and become wedged into a concrete surface. A sidewalk or truss head bolt can be treaded into the anchor and is used secure the hurricane panels to the wall.


Are similar to solid-set anchors are relatively inconspicuous. Panelmates combines the strength of a tap con on one end, with a threaded stud on the other. The installation of panelmates is relatively simple. After plotting out your storm panel orientation and making your markings on the wall, you drill the appropriate diameter hole in the wall and screw the panel mate with a special driver until only the stud remains.