Did you know that not all hurricane protection products are considered equal? At Assured Storm Protection, we choose to work with the highest quality products available. We know that our customer’s will be the most satisfied 10 years down the road when our hurricane protection systems are still performing at their best.

So what makes a good hurricane protection product? One of the major advantages used on many of our products is a finishing method called Electrostatic Painting (ESP).

ESP uses an advanced application that results in a very uniform “powder coat” on the surface of the hurricane protection product, offering many years of durability and corrosion resistance. This extremely durable finish is created by actually charging the particles with both positive and negative currents, sealing off all sides and edges.

Available in a range of colors, ESP results in a better end product due to it’s chemical finish. Another added benefit is that ESP is environmentally friendly due to an absence of solvents.

The bottom line is this: If you are interesting in having a lower maintenance product that will last you longer then you want an ESP finish! South Florida’s climate can be very harsh with the strong sun, tropical storms, rainfall, and humidity. It is important that your products stand up in the long run to offer you protection when you need it!

When choosing a hurricane protection company, make sure to ask about the use of ESP on particular products. At Assured Storm Protection, we encourage you to ask questions and educate yourself of our products and process. It’s one of the many reasons that we stand out when it comes to hurricane protection. Our industry experience helps us to bring you the latest and greatest accordion shutters, impact windows and doors, roll-down shutters, and hurricane panels available.

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