There are many different reasons to install new hurricane impact windows and doors on your home. This article examines the major benefits of a hurricane window and hurricane door installation.

The first major benefit to installing new HVHZ windows & doors is of course the hurricane protection that they provide. A hurricane can be a very damaging event, and by protecting your home and family from flying debris, rain, and wind, you are greatly reducing the change that you will be injured during a storm.

An often overlooked benefit of hurricane windows is the simple fact that you are getting new windows. This statement may sound silly, but a lot of customers shopping hurricane protection are simply interested in protecting their home. They do not consider the fact that panels, accordions, and other hurricane protection products do not replace the windows themselves. By upgrading to hurricane windows and doors you are receiving new windows that will function better and be more attractive than your previous products.

Hurricane protection should be as easy as possible. With hurricane windows, you do not have to open and close shutters or install panels over window openings. You are always prepared. An added benefit is that light is allowed into your home which can be extremely important when the power goes out (as it often does). And of course you also get a great view of the storm.

Home cooling is extremely important in the hot climate of South Florida. Impact windows and doors provide a much greater insulation factor preventing the hot air from entering and the cool air from escaping. This results in not only a reduction in cost on your utility bills, but HVAC equipment that lasts longer.

Many homeowners receive significant reductions in premiums from their home insurance agency when they upgrade to hurricane windows. This almost always results in the windows and doors paying for themselves over their lifetime.

One of the most commented on benefits of impact hurricane windows is that they provide excellent sound dampening. By reducing sound wave transmissions, your home will be a much quieter place.

And finally, one of the major benefits to hurricane windows is that they significantly increase the resale value of your home. Home buyers are often aware that hurricane windows last longer, provide all of the benefits listed above, and decrease your insurance premiums.

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