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Hurricane Windows Built For Southwest Florida

Assured Storm Protection has helped Floridians find quality hurricane protection for over 30 years. Working with more top manufacturers longer than any other company in the business, Assured is able to offer some of the best pricing and service in the industry.

Assured has helped over 35,000 Floridians secure over 250,000 windows and openings and has over 1,000 positive online reviews.

A home outfitted with Hurricane Impact Windows in Southwest Florida

Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows in Southwest Florida

Reduce Utility Costs

Enjoy significant savings on air conditioning and electricity costs. Hurricane Impact Windows can achieve 50% greater energy efficiency compared to standard windows, even with just gray or bronze tint, and when enhanced with Low-E, the efficiency can increase to 70% (with gray or bronze tint).

Enhanced Security

Hurricane Impact Windows are always prepared to safeguard your home, providing robust, around-the-clock protection against potential break-ins. Impact windows are designed to withstand various types of impacts, whether from a hurricane or a crowbar.

Noise Reduction

The specialized glass interlayer of Hurricane Impact Windows plays a crucial role in diminishing sound transmission. This feature effectively reduces noise from external traffic, boisterous neighbors, and mild storms.

The Best Hurricane Window Configurations for Southwest Florida

The best brands and options to get the strongest possible impact windows in Southwest Florida

Strongest hurricane window configurations

Assured carries three different product lines that use reinforced aluminum frames, heat-strength glass, or SGP interlayers, which meet and exceed the state’s strictest hurricane window strength and pressure resistance guidelines. All of Assured Storm Protection’s hurricane window offerrings meet and exceed guidelines for homes in Naples, Fort Myers, and their surrounding areas. ES Windows, PGT Windows, and CGI Windows offer some of the strongest configurations available. Although, Assured will almost always recommend ES Windows, because most customers will save up to 30% with ES for their strongest configurations.

ES Impact Windows with Palm Trees in the foreground
The best brands and options to get the most energy-efficient hurricane windows in Southwest Florida

Most energy-efficient hurricane window configurations

Assured offers multiple brands and options that can offer fantastic energy efficiency for homeowners in Southwest Florida. Between ES Windows options for combining a Low-E treated window with insulated glass, a vinyl frame, as well as tint on top of a far thicker and better-insulated window, and dozens of other product lines that offer energy-efficient window options, there are plenty of opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint, or just save on the already significant energy bills throughout the Naples and Fort Myers area.

ES Hurricane Windows on 4 bedroom home

Why Choose Assured in Southwest Florida

Three decade-long relationships with the largest hurricane window manufacturers

Enjoy some of the best pricing in on hurricane windows in southwest Florida, and work with one of the most experienced teams in hurricane protection.

The most comprehensive service and warranty coverage in Southwest Florida

Not only does Assured offer options for lifetime warranties and one of the industry’s best track records for job satisfaction, but they have done so for over 30 years. You can feel safe knowing that Assured will be around to perform warranty service when and if it’s required in the future.

One of the most experienced teams in Naples / Fort Myers

Assured has been in the business of hurricane protection since the late 1980s, and with a team of over 30, they have a combined experience of a few centuries between their team members. Virtually all of Assured’s hurricane protection consultants and their engineers have been with them for over ten years.

More options than any other hurricane window company in Southwest Florida

With Assured Storm Protection, you have more brand, style, feature and design options than any other Southwest Florida company. Assured works with 6 top brands providing hurricane windows and doors, which means there are more opportunities to take advantage of manufacturer specials to get a great deal, or to find the perfect window style for your home.

Why Choose Assured Storm Protection?

Trusted Hurricane Service Provider for over 30 years

Assured Storm Protection's Angies List Super Service Award Badges from the last 11 years
5-Star Google Reviews
Warranty Available
Happy Customers
Windows Secured

Heat-Strengthened Glass

Heat-strengthened glass is a hurricane-resistant glass panel produced primarily by ES windows. It boasts pressure resistances that are typically far stronger than impact-resistant annealed glass offered as standard by most hurricane window manufacturers. Depending on the size and style/design of the window chosen, the improvement pressure resistance difference can range from 15-30%.

In hurricane-prone areas such as southwest Florida, whether in Naples, Fort Myers, or anywhere in between, heat-strength glass can offer an additional layer of protection from particularly powerful storms.

Heat-strength glass is included as a standard feature on ES Windows, although, all other manufacturers typically charge 10-20% more for this option. If you are looking for the strongest possible window, ES Windows with Assured is the most cost-effective option to do so.

Reinforced Aluminum

Reinforced aluminum frames offer additional support for your hurricane window glass panels, and they are highly recommended to fully take advantage of heat-strength glass or SGP interlayer windows’ added strength.

Low-E Coating

Low-E coatings are three layers of silver coating which are painted on the interlayer of the impact window. Low-E reduces the SHGC rating of your impact window and can make your windows up to 20% more energy efficient.

Kynar/Dynar/Durastar Coating

Kynar, Dynar, and Durastar coatings offer an additional layer of rust and oxidation protection for your window’s metal parts. If you live within 2 miles of the ocean, these coatings are highly recommended to combat highly corrosive salt water.