When we think about getting hurricane protection; it’s quite common that we only think about our windows and doors. Although these are important areas that need protection; there are other openings in your house that are critical and often get overlooked. Below are the most vulnerable parts of your home and what we recommend you do to protect your home and family.

Garage Doors

Your garage door is the largest entryway into your home and the most vulnerable. If your garage door gets destroyed; the high winds from the hurricane will enter your home. Once the winds get in, they will start tearing your home apart, starting with the roof. This also opens a gateway for outside debris to be thrown in by the wind causing more damage to your home and putting your family in more danger.

For garage doors, we recommend replacing them with an impact-rated garage door. At Assured Storm Protection, we use The Heritage Collection 1000 Series from Amarr. For more information on our garage doors, visit our page link: Hurricane Garage Doors.

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Garage Door Braces are a good temporary solution

Not sure if you have an impact-rated garage door? When we come out to give you a quote for your windows and doors, ask us to take a look.

If the storm is already near and you don’t have an impact-rated garage door; we recommend getting garage door braces as a temporary fix. Garage door braces are easy to install and will help secure your garage door during the hurricane.


Your roof takes the most impact of the hurricane and is potentially the largest opening in your house. If your roof gets destroyed; you are potentially looking at a catastrophic flood and major destruction of your home. This can also be extremely dangerous if your family is inside.

We recommend that you check your roof at the beginning of the year for loose or missing shingles (or roof tiles). If you have an attic; check from inside as well. Look to see if any light is coming through. It is important to find any/all holes.

Have a licensed roofer come out and fix the loose or missing shingles. We recommend also installing hurricane clips. These secure the roof to your house, making it harder for the hurricane to pull your roof off.

When considering getting hurricane protection; make sure to include every opening in your house. Leaving even just one opening without protection can cause major damage if the hurricane breaks through it. Not only putting your house at risk but your family as well.

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