Hurricane Windows and Shutters in Wellington

Assured Storm Protection is quite active in providing hurricane protection installations in Wellington. We have installed all types of hurricane shutters and impact windows, as well as combinations of designs for homes of all sorts in Wellington. Owners of high-end homes commonly upgrade to impact windows or a combination, such as, french impact doors and casements or a combination of accordion shutters and windows. Assured Storm Protection’s name is well known in Wellington and throughout South Florida as a leader in the industry and for our workmanship with large homes and complicated large window configurations. We have installed in many communities you may know, such as, Black Diamond Equestrian Club , Olympia, Versailles, The Isles at Wellington and many more.

Because so many of its homes are newer, many homeowners seek us out for hurricane shutters. While some seek shutters purely for storm protection and security, others are looking for a new look for their homes, opting for colonial, bahama shutters, or hurricane impact windows. Their choice depends upon the aesthetics they are seeking. We give you Choices.

We are happy to provide local references for our work and are dedicated to your satisfaction! We have been installing hurricane protection in South Florida for over 35 years and pride ourselves on our experience.

The Permitting Process

The permitting body you will deal with depends on whether you live within the city limits or not. If you are in the city limits, permitting is done by the Village of Wellington. In Wellington, the permit fees are about $150 for the first $1,000 cost, and $45 for each additional $1,000.

Learn More About Wellington

Wellington is known as the winter equestrian capital of the world. It was originally the world’s largest strawberry patch on land called the Flying Cow Ranch; “Flying” because the founder was an aviator, and “Cow” stood for the initials for Charles Oliver Wellington (C.O.W.). In the 1950’s, Mr. Wellington bought 18,000 acres of central Palm Beach County swampland, which would eventually become the Village of Wellington. Up until 1990, it functioned as a sprawling bedroom community with few shopping centers and restaurants until it was incorporated in December 1995.

Why Feature Specific Areas?

We highlight our most popular installation cities because it is important for consumers to recognize installations that take place locally. An experienced company will have a portfolio of installations and references to provide customers so that they may make an informed decision on their investment. At Assured, we are happy to provide this information!

While shopping for hurricane windows or hurricane shutters in Wellington, make sure and check the Better Business Bureau, Reviews on Google, and Angie’s List (which is now free to join). By reading other customer’s experiences, you will be able to identify quality companies dedicated to customer service such as Assured.

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