Hurricane Ian caught many Floridians by surprise.

Florida is known for its hurricanes but has not seen a hurricane in years. Hurricane Ian was expected to miss South Florida in the initial predictions and make an impact as a Category One storm in the Pensacola-Tampa area when it made landfall. Although, Hurricane Ian’s predicted paths and strength were not as accurate as they should have been.

As of Tuesday, September 27, Hurricane Ian is expected to land nearly 200 miles south of its initial prediction as a Category 3 Storm.

The cone of possibility and inaccurate hurricane track predictions.

The prediction cones are an essential tool for hurricane tracking. They are also used to show the potential paths of a hurricane and its intensity. The prediction cones are rarely accurate until the last day before the hurricane’s landfall.

The National Hurricane Center issues forecast multiple times per day based on atmospheric conditions and ocean temperature, but weather is rarely wholly predictable.

Floridians in Southeast Florida should only expect strong tropical storm force winds from this storm, but this outlines a more significant issue.

More Floridians have become less cautious of hurricanes

Floridians have stopped being as careful about hurricanes since they have not gotten a “scary” storm since 2004, and it could cause a significant problem when a significant storm hits.

In the past, Floridians were very cautious about hurricanes. They would always prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Nowadays, Floridians are not as careful as they used to be. They don’t prepare for storms that may happen because they feel like they will not occur. This could cause a significant problem in Florida because people will lose their homes and their lives due to neglecting the storm warnings.

More severe storms are coming as ocean temperatures rise

As the ocean temperature increases, hurricanes will be more powerful. This is because the higher ocean temperature leads to more energy in the atmosphere and warmer air can hold more water. Hurricanes are created by a warm and wet air mass that rises over cooler water. Right now, we are in the middle of hurricane season.

Now is the time to prepare our home for any potential hurricanes.

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