When you live in a region that has a history of hurricane landfalls, it’s essential to protect your home from potential damage. Many of our customers ask us which of our products would be best for protecting their home.

Although the types of hurricane protection in the past were somewhat limited, the hurricane protection industry expanded and we offer a wide variety of different products. You’ll find countless options and upgrades to consider, reducing the risk of damage or destruction.

Some options are more more convenient, some are more expensive, and some might just look nicer on your home.

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Best Types of Hurricane Protection for the Home

1. Hurricane Accordion Shutters

This popular option for hurricane protection is affordable and convenient. They bolt to the sides of each window, opening like an accordion when you don’t need them to protect the glass. Since it’s a permanent fixture, you can quickly extend or retract them as required.

You can have accordion shutters custom-fit to the specific size of your windows or doors.

Hurricane Impact Windows: ES Fixed Glass

2. Hurricane Impact Windows for hurricane protection

Impact-resistant windows protect your home all year, delivering hurricane protection while keeping intruders from entering. It’s the most convenient option, but they also tend to be the most expensive.

This option provides additional resistance to damage, but it is not impact-proof. The glass can still crack, although the shards won’t fly into the room if something happens as the glass will still maintain its shape and structure. It gives you a spiderweb crack instead. Many manufacturers offer limited warranties on glass as well for a few years.

3. Hurricane Impact Doors

Although hurricane-proof impact doors don’t exist, this option provides special features that can withstand the impact of flying debris from strong winds. Most designs include laminated glass, offering a robust polymer interlayer to reinforce any window panes.

You’ll also see more durability built into the overall structure of the door, whether it’s for the patio or your home’s frontage.

4. Hurricane Panels for hurrciane protection

This hurricane protection option is made from poly-carbonate, aluminum, or steel. That makes them highly durable. They’re bolted to the wall around your door or window, typically overlapping to offer more strength.

Although this protection method is affordable, it often takes several hours to install them. Once the storm is over, you’ll need to remove them. Which is why they are not a commonly chosen option by our customers due to being a similar price to accordion shutters and a much less convenient option.

If you lose power, this product also prevents any light from entering the home.

5. Hurricane Garage Doors

The largest opening for most homes is the garage door. That means it is tasked with being the biggest guardian against flying debris, precipitation, and wind when a hurricane arrives. If it fails, there could be enough lift or pressurization changes to create an entire structural collapse.

Is Your Home Ready for the Next Storm?

Although you can find plenty of protective options out there today, the first investment to make is in a hurricane-ready garage door. Without this essential upgrade, the rest of your home is at a greater risk of experiencing an adverse event.

Any high-velocity wind event could cause the same problem. As an extra benefit, investing in hurricane garage doors adds another layer of security protection for this space, including your vehicles.

Don’t wait until it is too late! Upgrade your home today with these hurricane-resistant options so that you get the protection you need.

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