The most crucial aspects of accordion shutters are engineering, manufacturing, and installation.

Outside-the-band Accordion Shutter installation

Some accordion shutter companies cut corners.

The engineering and design of the accordion shutter are of the utmost importance; if not designed correctly, you will have accordion shutters covering the bands around your windows instead of over them. Structurally and cosmetically speaking, it looks lazy and obvious.

Some companies will leave exposed screws sticking out of the sides of their accordion shutters. 

These screws and end up cutting you or someone else. Another common mistake is, some accordion shutter companies don’t remove the old screws from a hurricane panel installation and patch them so black mold doesn’t grow. Some companies don’t caulk around the accordion shutters after they are installed.

Some accordion shutters companies use the wrong tracks on installations

It’s essential to make sure you are using the correct track and attachment for your specific case. Many companies cut corners and use the wrong tracks on particular installations. Sometimes this results in shutters coming off the tracks or can negatively affect the hurricane accordion shutters’ ability to protect your home adequately.

If the stack is not correctly designed, it could end up blocking your window.

An Accordion Shutter Recess Track installation on the back deck of a home
An Accordion Shutter Recess Track installation.

Recess track

You can enclose your patio with a recessed track, so there is less of a tripping hazard. A Recess Track is cut into the ground with a cover on it, so all you have to do is pull it closed, and it does not stick up higher than the ground or the opening to the door.

What stacking factor means to the cosmetic appeal of an accordion shutter

Some of the most cosmetically appealing shutters have a very low stacking factor. Accordion shutter stacking refers to the slimness of the shutter when it is open.

There are only two distributors that concentrate on the cosmetic appeal and stacking factor, SuperNova Accordion Shutter and 6.8. 

Accordion Shutters: Angles vs Closure Channels

Some companies use angles which is a thin piece of metal spaced apart by 12 inches with screws, which tend to rust within the first few years. 

We typically recommend Eastern Metal’s Bertha and the SuperNova. Their Accordion Shutters have a closure channel with only two stainless steel screws at the top and the bottom and a rod to hold it in place, which is much more aesthetically appealing and does not cause oxidation or rusting.

Which hurricane accordion shutter is strongest?

For strength, the most important thing you need to know is all shutters manufactured and approved by Miami Dade, or HVHZ are going to protect your home as they go to a standardized pass and fail test.

For single and two-story homes, there is only a slight difference in the gauge of the blade, which usually ranges from 0.5 to 0.52, which makes very little difference.

If you live in a building that has exceeds 5-stories in height, the building code requires the blades to be a minimum of 0.6 thick.

When considering accordion shutters for your home, the most important thing you can look for is a company that has a lot of good reviews, has a long-standing track record, is licensed, bonded, and insured, and doesn’t work with subcontractors. We have about 400 reviews on just Google and over 300 reviews on Angi’s as well!

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