Enclosing your patio with accordion shutters is a great option. It allows you to store your patio furniture, plants, and other backyard items during a storm without having to take them inside your house or garage. Using a recess track patio enclosure hurricane accordion shutter can also be easier and faster to close before a storm.

A closed Accordion Shutter Patio Enclosure

By enclosing your patio, you will not need to put up accordion shutters on any doors or windows. Patio enclosures can also look better on your home than traditional installations of hurricane accordion shutters, as there is no installation on or around your windows and doors. 

If you already have concrete floors where the enclosure is going, the cost to install a patio enclosure is typically not much more expensive. 

If you do not have concrete flooring in your backyard where you would like to install a patio enclosure, we can work with you to prepare your backyard for an additional cost of around $100 per linear foot.

The prep process for patio enclosures for non-concrete flooring takes around three days. If your backyard has pavers where you would want a patio enclosure, we will remove the pavers, and dig a trench about 1 ½’ feet wide by 1 ½ feet deep., form the trench with rebar, call the city for approval, once we get approval, we will pour cement and allow 2 days for the concrete to dry, re-place your pavers, and install the track and accordion shutters.

Many people who do not have concrete flooring in their patio prefer to do Hurricane Fabric to reduce the cost, while also allowing them to keep all of their patio furniture within the enclosure.

A recess-track Accordion Shutter Patio Enclosure installation

There are three different types of track systems that we can use for your patio enclosure, but we typically recommend the recess track which reduces the potential tripping hazard.

Another great option is a removable track, that can be stored in your garage.  When a storm arrives, you can line up the holes in the shutter to the holes in your floor, and screw it in. The only issue with this type of attachment, is after multiple uses, the anchors can start to strip and it will reduce the effectiveness of the shutter.

If you do not want to take in your patio furniture before a storm, let us know and we will discuss a few options for hurricane protection that can fit your needs. 

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