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The Most Cosmetically Appealing Hurricane Shutter

Introducing the lowest stacking shutter on the market period The Supernova Hurricane Shutter

We are happy to announce this addition to our accordion shutter lineup in 2014. The Supernova offers a wide range of benefits including a less intrusive appearance when installed on your home. We are now the only accordion shutter manufacturer in South Florida to offer THREE hurricane shutters to our customers.

The Supernova includes many different features that make it superior to the standard shutters on the market. Just some of the many features are listed below:

Hurricane Shutter Features:

Smooth Gliding WheelsClosure ChannelsHeavy Duty ConstructionESP Paint (Fade Resistant)
Rain GuardsWeather-Resistant ConstructionAvailable Clear BladesMultiple Colors Available
Nylon ClipsFail-Safe Easy LockSide AngleAdditional turn-knob locks (optional)

Our customers choose the Supernova accordion shutter due to its low profile design, available clear blades, and quality operation. If you are in the market for a shutter that is less noticeable when installed on your home then this is the right choice for you!

There are many reasons why the Supernova Hurricane Shutter is by far, our best-selling accordion shutter. For example, the closure channels eliminate the need for screws that often rust over time. It is also due to the fact that the Supernova is constructed of heavy-duty materials (0.50″ extruded aluminum) resulting in a stronger shutter that will last longer.

Unlike most other manufacturers of the SuperNova Accordion shutter, all of our SuperNova shutters are fitted with Rain Guards. Rain guards provide benefits such as;

  • Added strength to the rods that anchor the blades/panels to the frame.
  • Prevents water from coming behind the shutters, and also helps to prevent rust.
  • Acts as a first line of defense during an impact, lowering the chance of damage to the wheels of the shutter.

Accordion Shutter Closure Channels:

The closure channel picture illustrates the difference between a shutter with a closure channel installed and one without. These photos are actually from the same home! The inferior shutters were installed on the second floor, and the Assured Storm Protection shutters were installed on the first level.

An example of a closure channel with high quality workmanship, next to a closure channel with poor quality workmanship.

Notice how much of a difference it makes with the closure channel We take a huge amount of pride in our work as illustrated by this example. We encourage you to look around at hurricane shutters installed in your area. It is very common to see deterioration of the screws resulting in a reduction in both lifespan and protection.