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AstroGuard hurricane fabric
AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric

Hurricane fabric is a strong and flexible material that can be used to protect your home during a hurricane. Typically hurricane fabric isn’t recommended for use on windows, as in most cases, the fabric is to flexible to protect your window from being broken on impact, although, it will keep projectiles and most wind from entering your home in the event that a window breaks.

One of the best applications for hurricane fabric is it’s flexibility to install in areas such as patio enclosure or a walkway enclosure, and many customers opt for it in these areas because they provide great protection, and can be installed in areas which hurricane shutters cannot. Such as areas where there is no concrete flooring.

The fabric is lightweight, easy to install, and an excellent hurricane protection product in specific installations.

Why isn’t it recommended to use Hurricane Fabric on windows?

It’s not recommended on most windows to use fabric due to its flexibility. Unlike hurricane shutters, which are rigid and made of metal. Hurricane fabric can bend on impact 8 inches or more. Which is typically much more than the typical separation from the window and the exterior walls of your home.

While fabric can still protect your home from water, debris, and projectiles, it will not protect your window, and it will not be approved for use in Miami-Dade or Broward County.  

In order for your home to pass the code in Miami-Dade or Broward county, your windows would need at least 8 inches of separation between the glass and the fabric, and in many applications, and with larger windows, more separation is required. Most homes do not have the required build-out to support this type of hurricane protection without needing expensive build-out around their windows, which doesn’t make sense for most consumers considering the vast array of other products available at the same price point, such as accordion shutters. Which also happen to look better on the home, when compared to a fabric installation with build-out.

How strong is Hurricane Fabric?

Hurricane fabric is a Miami-Dade and HVHZ approved hurricane protection product. If it is installed to the specifications in the product approval form, it will protect your home in the event of a storm.

Other features of Storm Fabric

Hurricane fabric is UV Resistant and translucent, allowing some light to enter your home during a hurricane. It is easy to set up and very lightweight. It is compact and stores easily.