What Does Hurricane Ian Teach Us?

Hurricane Ian caught many Floridians by surprise. Florida is known for its hurricanes but has not seen a hurricane in years. Hurricane Ian was expected to miss South Florida in the initial predictions and make an impact as a Category One storm in the Pensacola-Tampa area when it made landfall. Although, Hurricane Ian’s predicted paths […]

Hurricane Season 2022: Time to Invest in Hurricane Shutters?

In 2021, the Atlantic hurricane season produced 21 named storms with wind speeds of 39 miles per hour or greater. That includes seven hurricanes, four of which were considered major with winds of 111+ mph. [[1]] Although that year was above-average, 2020 was an active year with 31 tropical depressions. With 30 subtropical or tropical […]

Hurricane Evacuation: Developing a Evacuation Plan

It is crucial to prepare for a hurricane before it hits. Preparation includes having a plan, ensuring you have enough supplies, and staying informed about the storm. The first thing that you should do when preparing for a hurricane is to create an emergency plan. This should include where you will go if the storm […]

Hurricane Window Company Reviews: How To Find The Best Company

Hurricane window company reviews are found all over the Internet today. Nearly every contractor and business providing this service posts testimonials from happy customers on their websites. Is that information trustworthy? After all, the point of a testimonial is to show potential customers that previous hurricane window installation or maintenance work was completed satisfactorily. We […]

Impact Windows: 8 Benefits To Keep Your Home and Family Safe

As a homeowner, you want to give your house the best potential protection during disasters. One of the best ways you can do that is by installing hurricane impact windows. Here are all the benefits you’ll enjoy from hurricane impact windows. Impact Windows Reduce Noise Storms can get noisy, which is not only disrupting but […]

How are Hurricanes Predicted?

The National Hurricane Center predicts the location of hurricanes. They consider many factors, including atmospheric conditions and ocean temperatures. The National Hurricane Center uses a variety of sources to predict hurricane tracks. These sources include atmospheric conditions, ocean temperatures, currents, and wind speeds. These factors are all considered when the NHC creates its forecast models […]

Hurricane Shutter Company Reviews and How to Check Them

When checking hurricane shutter company reviews, its important to check reviews for red-flags, and understand which review platforms are the most reliable. We’re in the day and age of social proof. Social proof is the way our own behavior is impacted by the influence of the actions, attitudes, and beliefs of other people. Positive social […]

How Do Hurricane Shutters Protect Your Home

Hurricane accordion shutters provide excellent protection in the event of a hurricane. Did you know that one of the major concerns for your home during a hurricane is the roof? Hurricane Shutters Protect Your Roof A lot of people have a misconception that hurricane shutters only protect against broken windows. The real danger is actually […]

How to Clean Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Shutters are an important investment in your home. They provide protection in the event of a hurricane and it is very important to keep them operating at their best. Hurricane shutters are sometimes referred to as accordion shutters or storm shutters. We suggest following the instructions below once a year to ensure that your […]

How Much Do Hurricane Shutters Cost?

One of the most common questions we hear from customers is “How much do hurricane shutters cost?” Most simple answer is, a hurricane shutters cost depends on a lot of factors, such as your preferences on style, type, convenience, and the amount and size of the windows on your home. Depending on where you live, […]