With so many hurricane window manufacturers and options available, pricing can be confusing when compared to other hurricane protection products such as hurricane shutters, and pricing can vary as much as 35% depending on options.

Hurricane Window Pricing Is Based on Options and Styles

ES Windows; Hurricane Impact Windows (Fixed-Glass)

Pricing for hurricane impact windows can be broken down into two different sections. We will provide a range of pricing for each of the sections.

Refers to optional or included features that can be added to the hurricane impact window; some options may make the impact window stronger, more energy-efficient, or more durable.

Each manufacturer may offer these additions to your hurricane impact windows for different pricing, other manufacturers may offer these options completely free of charge, some manufacturers may not offer that option at all.

Style refers to the design of the hurricane impact window, such as the number of panels and shape of the glass panels.

Each manufacturer charges a different price for different styles and options. This can help you make a more informed decision based on the options that you want. Some hurricane window manufacturers may not even offer the options that you want.

All prices will be shown for the top three hurricane impact window manufacturers:

Hurricane Impact Window Pricing based on Styles

Hurricane Impact Window Pricing Based on Options

This is not an exhaustive hurricane window pricing guide

Hurricane Impact Windows: ES Fixed Glass

The figures we provide are ranges due to slight differences in pricing depending on the size of the hurricane window.

This list is not exhaustive and may not be entirely accurate for our pricing at all times, as hurricane impact window pricing is changing very frequently due to supply chain shortages.

Certain installation types can drastically change the price of hurricane impact windows.

Different types of hurricane impact window installations can influence pricing dramatically

Some examples of particular installation types that could change the price of impact windows dramatically are;

Is your home built with a wood frame?

This may increase the installation price because there isn’t as much clearance for the impact windows. So, the drywall must be cut and finished.

Is your home in a historical zone/community?

Older homes in a historical community are typically built with a wood frame, which incurs extra costs. Also, extra code requirements are enforced by the city for historical societies.

Do you have 2-inch wood bucking?

Hurricane impact windows require 3-inch wood bucking, and the existing 2-inch wood bucking would have to be replaced, which typically costs $50 per hurricane window.

Do you need oversized or second-floor hurricane impact windows?

With oversized hurricane windows or second-floor hurricane windows, scaffolding may be required on the interior and exterior. Scaffolding incurs additional costs for installation.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

This article is not kept up to date with current pricing.

Please contact us for the most up-to-date pricing.